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  1. Detective Conan is known to have moving moments that can provoke a chilling sensation. These chills can be triggered by moments that are touching, suspenseful, terrifying, action-packed, nostalgic, or just plain good. To name some of the moments that personally gave me chills, here's a list: 1) Episode 34-35 (Mountain villa murder case) - the bandaged man himself actually gave me some chills, and also the way he butchered and cut up the victim O.o 2) Episode 42 (Karaoke box murder case) - when the manager realizes that the victim actually loved her and cries out of despair. The emotion in her cry was very chilling... 3) Episode 288 (New York case) - when Shinichi confronts the silver-haired serial killer about why he saved him, so he says "Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone but as for saving someone... a logical mind isn't needed, right?" Great moment ^^ 4) Episode 304 (Trembling Police HQ: 12 million hostages case) - during the elevator scene when Takagi asks Conan "Who are you?" and Conan responds "I'll tell you... in the next world." Talk about cool moments ^^ There's a lot more episodes and moments that I didn't say, but I don't feel like listing them all. So what episodes gave you guys chills?
  2. What manga chapters had Elena's taperecordings for Haibara. I can't remember...

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    Welcome to DCW!! By the way, I think your signature of Conan is cute. :3
  4. That's a pretty good point. I think it's a common misconception that because the bible says homosexual is a sin, that means all of them will go to hell. People tend to forget that in God-believing religions, God is absolutely forgiving. My aunt is a lesbian and she says that as long as she has a strong faith in Jesus, it will compensate for her sins be they homosexuality, lying, cursing, etc. Here's a good article that explains the misconception. http://www.gaychristian101.com/does-the-bible-say-homosexuals-will-go-to-hell.html I think it's ok as long as the topic is strictly discussed over, not argued over. There's a fine line between discussing about religion and hindering someone because of their religious or non-religious views. By the way, I'm pro same-sex marriage, I just like putting my feet in someone else's shoes.
  5. Cant wait for the bourbon arc to finally end!!

  6. Great deduction!! I still want to know the significance behind what the car 8 conductor said about how the first class rooms are larger than the other ones. Is it because they take up more space which makes the corridor narrower than those of other cars, which makes the mirror fill up most of the hall space? Idk...
  7. What a controversial topic to discuss. The way I see it, if women earned their rights, if blacks earned their rights, then hell, gays and lesbians should earn their rights as well!
  8. That would be episode 34-35, the mountain villa murder case. (which was one of my favorites by the way)
  9. Does anyone know which episode is the one where the detective boys actually deduce the criminal's movements correctly and Conan gets upset?
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    Wow! It already has 127 views on youtube and it's only been 2 days! ~nice
  11. Hmm... Well my personality is like Ran, but I look more like Sonoko.
  12. Did someone already note about Sonoko recalling that Okiya has been hiding his neck multiple times, even though she only sawhim once before? She remembered him in cases that she was never involved in...
  13. I've been in gymnastics for the past 4 years.
  14. I really want to go to the beach right now!!
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    Glassheart, since you said Amuro is most likely Scar Akai, then it is likely that he is Bourbon too because it would be Vermouth's responsibility to perfect his disguise. Unless you're saying Amuro is a professional disguiser like Kid, Vermouth, and and Yukiko which would be highly unlikely. Akai's disguise as Okiya is way easier on the other hand is way simpler since he only needs a wig and glasses.
  16. What an awesome analysis of the case Chek!!! +1 And about the switch of Mouri's room being highly possible rather than Agasa's, you should also note how all of the snacks and bags are perfectly in tact in room 6D. Like the labels are still facing the right way and the placements in regards to each other are consistent. It's most likely that Mouri's room was switched since we haven't seen how his room looked before the incident.
  17. Excited for summer vacation!
  18. I think the wiki article about Gin and Sherry's relationship explains it well.
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    I absolutely loved this you guys!!! Loved both of your voices! +1
  20. Kazuha's confession to Heiji!!! <33333 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DIcxDNQ9dE

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      I was like "YAY YAY YAY" but then when I saw Heji left before she could finish so he could tease Shinichi , I was upset. I love those two though. Heji x Kazuha forever <33333

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      It was "LOL"!

      hahaha... I really thought that it would really happen... :)

    4. Miss Smiles

      Miss Smiles

      I write a poem dedicated to that part, with help from Animegirl4eva. It's now in DC poem.

  21. If James Black knows who Sera is, then the question "Why does he keep this fact a secret?" comes to light.
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