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  1. i can do an over split on both legs
  2. i have this habit of buying chocolate but always want 2 save it, then it goes rotton

    1. AiSuigetsu



      share them with me! *finished her box of 20 lindt chocolates in 2 days =x*

    2. Vi Graythorn

      Vi Graythorn

      yea ive been doing it since i was a kid

      and i just screamed at me brother chocolate frog

    3. Sakila


      share it with me too!! I had a similar experience to aiko-chan, but with Ghiradelli instead :P

  3. ive regret not being able 2 come on DCW more cuz im always watching more anime
  4. ive never had a dream about any tv shows i watch but there this one dream where i was on my computer watch DC after a couple of week it actually happened exactly like my dream but that happens 2 me more and more now
  5. 7 wow thats really big how much damage is there?
  6. so hows life

    my vacation almost over so im gonna cry

    and i watch the kaito xmas episode so im really happy

  7. thx found it on the net

    btw my name is meg

  8. yea and if they r going 2 become a couple they wont be the lovely dovy type kinda like the guy chasing girl
  9. multiple teachers calling me the wrong name
  10. completed it just annoying after the 70th time
  11. i think there cute together
  12. Vi Graythorn


    he says it less ans less
  13. yes imagine talking 2 a bunch of first graders everyday and have 2 act like them
  14. learned how 2 do a baby freeze

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