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  1. honestly.. in my country... sadly .. they think its a below 10's kind of CARTOON T^T its almost like i am the only one who watches it till episode 700+ .. when i said i am currently watching DC.. people will laugh and make fun of me.. and so far.. the ones whom i met online.. none of em knows what Detective Conan is.. it feels so alone.. but.... i dont care T^T i love DC since i was 7 and i am 19 now... i will always love DC all my life !! not regretting it !! its a good series and will always be on my top spot !!
  2. the truth will always show itself

  3. i missed this place... have been so busy.. are there still others around ?

  4. i need someone now T^T

  5. its the last night of freedom T^T

    1. knpce


      going back to school?

    2. 75aichan


      I'm living the same

  6. shikara

    A Weird Moment

    the awkward moment .. when u curse someone .. but it was actually a different person >< seriously .. i cursed him like helll and even make the guy who i was cursing cried... he said that was the most harsh things someone ever said to him... he lietrally cried and walks away from me ;~: i regret that.,..
  7. i need to level up !!!! ><

    1. muslimandproud conanfan

      muslimandproud conanfan

      To level up, you have to post posts in the forms and topics of your interest. :)

    2. shikara


      i know ~ hehe lol

  8. shikara

    I need Help :3

    o.o heheheh lol well thanks ~ abt publishing it. honestly i just wanted to have fun.. but at the same time i am need some incomes lol ~ publishing it maybe a little too much for now. since i am not even 20+ yet lol the title... thanks for your advice ^^ heheh
  9. i am doing my best !~

  10. i hate being soft

  11. shikara

    I need Help :3

    ^^'' i just need a title tho.. thanks for ur advice ^^ this is more like a mystery and drama and slice of life and romance novel.. hehe.. its a mixture of several genres... thank you tho ^^
  12. shikara

    I need Help :3

    thank you~ It gave me an idea... but.. its not mainly about the murder... the murder is like the prologue... this story is mainly abt the life of a girl who is chased down , the divorce, why she was left alone. how her life become so quiet and the next such a ruckus.,.. its hat kind of story.. btw.. thank you Haibara san ~ it helps me to put up a title for my other books.,..
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