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  1. Happy birthday.

  2. hello friend:) happy birthday

  3. happy birthday!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Anokata is Kobayashi!!!!!:@@ She wants to convert everyone in kids with the APTX and to be the only adult in the world!!!!! that way she can easily control them with the sch!!!!!!!With homework and more homework Seriously now....i think Anokata will be new character ....i cant think about Agasa or someone in the anime being Anokata...
  6. Like i always say i'm going for ShinRan, actually CoAi doesn't make sense for me AT THIS MOMENT, It's true, Ai showed attraction for Conan, but now...i think she only sees him as a friend, and well, Conan obviously only thinks about her as a partner or a good friend xD...And ShinRan for me is the best option, considering that is canon, and the relationship had a development from the beggining, the only bad thing of it is Ran. Yes, i'm ShinRan and i think that Ran is completely a Mary-Sue, at the beggining she HAD personality, but now sshe is something weird... a mix of a Mary-Sue and a tsundere...that's why i prefer Ai (L) But that doesn't mean i don't like Ran, i just think that she is getting moooore and mooore boring ....T.T(Have you seen the new OP? What in the ...? SHE WAS A PRINCESS X.X)
  7. Ainaji

    Conan x Ayumi

    Conan x Ran x Shinichi (L) Well....ahem...I think that it would be great if Ayumi ends up with Conan if Ran doesn't end up with him ^^
  8. Ainaji

    Conan x Ayumi

    Such a cute AyuCon pic ^^! ayucon is more kawaii everyday! if Ran and Shinichi doesnt end up together i would really like Conan to end up with Ayumi! They are such a cute couple
  9. Ainaji

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    Thats not true TAT Moree Mitsuhiko and Ai stuff minna: Mitsuhiko x Haibara FTWXDD
  10. Ainaji

    MitsuAi Fanclub!

    Haiii...gomenne minna for not adding you to the list before but i dont have time for the forum TAT....i will try to be more active...but as you can see,now you are added, if someone is left, just tell me
  11. Ainaji

    Ai x Mitsuhiko

    Hey....really?i'm tired of hearing that! I mean OBVIOUSLY Haibara isn't going to fall in love with a kid(but there is ONE hint....o.o...) and WE don't want her to do it, i mean the relationship wouldnt be serious, at least i want them to end up together when they grow up! When they grow up would it really matter the age gap?? I mean the body age would be the same, and mentally almost too...We love thisnpairing because of their cute and funny moments, and Mitsuhiko's love for her is so innocent x3 So please stop, i mean we respect your pairings(at least i do) i don't go to your pairing threads and write nonsenses, im not asking you to dont give your opinion, if you dislike it give a good opinion, and not this:MITSUAI=PEDOPHILIA :@ or something alike....i mean, you can say you dislike it and all you want but don't say stupid and offensive things.... Ahem...ahem HIIII MINNA I'm going to leave some cuuuuute MitsuAi stuff here is the doujinshiii ^^ http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=13813674 If someone can translate it please do and if someone knows where is the finished version of it, tell us D: err...pictures xD: DRAWINGS : Hope you like it ^^ mitsuhiko x ai ftw!
  12. IKR?! x3 i'm so excited! :D

    Kay, bye bye. :)

  13. Owo i see, well movie 16 seems to be the most centered DC movie in DB, it will be probably MitsuAi, (in the poster both ai and mit share the equipment of the Big of Osaka)

    Well now i have to leave to have dinner byee...^^

  14. Movie 15 was good! ^^ DB centered movie for once! x3

    I'm just hanging around, really. XD

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