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  1. then we start from 100 again?
  2. i love them both but if i had 2 choose one 2 b my boy friend shinichi is better cuz he more mature
  3. egg tofu<-- ewwwwww

    1. Kyuu Nye

      Kyuu Nye

      I prefer killer tofu (I actually didn't like that show much, but I couldn't resist the reference)

    2. SwiftFeather
  4. 117 simplifying (2 115 above me)
  5. yea the dub stopped at 130 but u can still watch the subs online i use 2 use youtube but then they removed all the uses and hey
  6. i wish 4 me 2 get a 2390 on the SATs
  7. no not really i change what i like 2 do pretty often but i still like DC is it possible 2 die from water(not by drowning
  8. 110 this reminds me of boys go 2 jupiter 2 get more stupider 4 some reason
  9. wore my pj pant the whole day me happy

  10. if i do 15 word a day then by the end of the year i will noe 500 SAT words
  11. floating in the air for like half a second is the best feeling, until u hit the floor

  12. a chicken sandwich was going 2 give u a bolony sandwich but didnt noe how 2 spell it lol
  13. im color blind so i cant tell if im white or pink, but im pretty sure i green srry so are you the white rabbit
  14. it took me around 5 month but during half way i was watching some other anime but then DC was still better
  15. i wish 4 me not 2 have a sore throat
  16. i think i gave this picture rep alot of time it just sooooo good
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