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  1. hey hey, were not that old. hehe! thank you! :D

  2. Heyy, happy birthday! Hope you have a great time!

  3. Hi there! to spread love and happiness in the world, we are gonna hug the world! \^o^/


  4. Oh... don't worry, my other friend says he will help me.

  5. Aoko? English is your native mother tongue? It's not I'm doubting, actually it's a question about your interest to edit. I finish chapter 5 but I need third eye to proofread.

  6. waiting forthe new podcast, watching operation REPO.

  7. avatar: 7/10 mostly because i like kazuha sig: 8/10 (i love the anime pic but what's the dude at the bottom)
  8. Now you can use back account.

  9. avatar: 10/10 (i'm a HUGE KID fan. both the first and second one) Sig: a good 6/10 . i'll admit i love your fics and your artwork is good tsu-chan
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