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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh cant do anything today

  2. gym, english, history, math, chinese, extra english, practice and hw
  3. heard a kpop song and when they said clap ur hands i thought they said crap ur hands

    1. Valkyrie


      Hhahahahha! I think I know that song! What's the song name again...

    2. hopes



    3. Vi Graythorn

      Vi Graythorn

      i have no idea

      i just watch the video 2 c the dance i dont listen 2 kpop

  4. Vi Graythorn


    its really good r4u try using the macro button on the camera 2 take close images
  5. i still remenber when my friend told me about him in 7th grade i didnt noe so i checked his music i thought i typed in the wrong time 5 time cuz i kept getting a girl dont like his songs but he is cute
  6. i never knew ooze is a real word

  7. yea i guess so 4 ur question and hihi
  8. Eisuke Hondou when first introduced seemed like vermouth
  9. looking 4 an anime that is sad yet happy kind of like ano hana and clannad. Got any

  10. r4u its really good but 4 the eye u need a frame 4 it aoko almost looks like orginal
  11. just watch 那些年,我们一起追女孩 really good you should watch it

    1. Black Demon

      Black Demon

      Well, even though the tittle sounds a little.... disturbing XDDD, I think I'll watch it when I have time.

    2. Vi Graythorn

      Vi Graythorn

      oh it a comedy about a guy chasing a girl

  12. ai my fav character but too many ppl will have ai so i choose vi
  13. just finish watch anohana its really good

  14. currently watching anohana episode 4 and it amazing
    1. SwiftFeather


      oh my gosh.... what a disgrace. tsk tsk and is that kid holding a Ben 10 toy and a sherlock hat =w=

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