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  1. Lol, I just dropped by out of curiosity hehe. Interesting riddles there. Let's see... R: Red G: Green Scenario 1 A: RR B: RR C: GG --> C would know right away Scenario 1 is not possible or C would know right from the first round. Scenario 2 A: RR B: GG C: RG or RR or GG --> But it can only be RG or else A would have guessed RR if C had GG or B would have guessed GG if C had RR Scenario 2 is not possible or C would know right from the first round. Scenario 3 A: RG B: RG C: RG or RR or GG --> But it can't be RR nor GG or else A would have guessed that, if B has RG and C has RR for example, he/she can only have RG and NOT RR (cause there would be 5 R then) and NOT GG either or B would see GG on A and C having RR, we go back to scenario 2 where B would be C and would have to have RG. Considering the above scenario, C would ultimately guess that it has RG if B says nothing. Therefore, scenario 3 is not possible or C would know right from the first round. Scenario 4 A: RR B: RG C: RG or GG --> If C had RG, B would know he/she either has RG or GG (thus B isn't sure). Same for A who isn't sure if he/she has RR or GG or RG. Since both A and B are unsure (and don't say anything), this means C, who also has two choices (RG or GG) is unsure as well. We learn that C does have RG then or we would fall under scenario 2 and B would have known. Thus, in this round, C doesn't know from the first round what he/she has. Now comes round 2. Since A has three choices, and neither B nor C answered in the first round, A can eliminate the fact that it has RG (or it'd be like scenario 3). A would know he/she doesn't have GG if C had GG and would guess he/she has RR. Since A doesn't say anything, this means C has RG. If that's the case, A would still hesitate between RR or GG and wouldn't say anything. Now it's B's turn again. Since A said nothing and B can see that A has RR and C has RG from above, B can eliminate the possibility of having GG or C would have guessed from the first round that he/she had RG (ref scenario 2). The only possibility that remains is RG! B can then simply say "Red and Green"! Note that it would also work if A had GG instead of RR. The same thinking process would have occured and B would have ultimately guessed that he/she has Red-Green stamps!
  2. Happy birthday!

    I wish you all the best in this coming year! :)

  3. Hello! How you doing? :)

    As for your question, I'll copy/paste what I told IdentidyUnkown: "It's normal that the forum changes color. It's an old update I made to match the current hour of the day (e.g. orange late in the afternoon, dark blue at night, etc...). More information at:

  4. Hello! First of all happy birthday! I wish you all the best on this humble day! :)

    And yes, it's normal that the forum changes color. It's an old update I made to match the current hour of the day (e.g. orange late in the afternoon, dark blue at night, etc...). More information at:

  5. No problem. Thank you for pointing this out.
  6. It's done. You can access the forum on Tapatalk now. Feedback welcome. P.S: Just make a search for "detective conan" within the app and you'll find the forum.
  7. The maintenance and testing phase is now over. I was trying to relocate the wiki's images to another storage system (i.e. the cloud, as in "cloud computing/storage") for faster access and to alleviate the burden of traffic requests on the server, but it didn't pan out as I wished it would. The technology is there but the software isn't advanced enough yet to fully encompass it without any glitches (maybe in a couple years). So, in the meantime, in order to gain some performance boost and better stability, the major option remains moving everything to a dedicated server which unfortunately would cost quite a bit per month. I believe the site is still doing good so far but I'm planning for the future because DCW keeps growing (I still can't believe how big it's become in the last year only o.O) and we may need to account for the increasing traffic and demand at some point. Anyway, the wiki is back to normal (since this week-end) and you can upload images once again! Thank you for your patience and cooperation!
  8. Yeah, it would cost quite a bit (at the very least $150-200 per month). That's why I was doing some experiment on the wiki to see if I can boost the performance a bit..

  9. I'm currently conducting some maintenance and testing operations on the image file structure in the wiki. If the tests are conclusive, we might gain some performance boost when browsing the site. It should take a few hours (or potentially a few days since we have quite a large library of images in the wiki! ). I'll let you know as soon as it's all done and it's possible to upload files again. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Note that you can still edit the wiki and do everything else just as normal. Thanks.
  10. Hmm, not sure. I haven't quite noticed it but, yeah, it could be the server. I hope one day to have a dedicate server for the site. It would be more stable in general..

  11. Hello! Sorry, I haven't been checking my messages lately. D:

    I'm doing good though! :)

    What about you?

  12. It's really a nice place with lots of different cultures! I was living in Toronto before moving to Qu├ębec last year and things are so different between the two provinces. It's a real adventure for me hehe.

    And right now, it's not too cold. It's getting hot already. Yeah, it's a nice place to visit. :)

  13. Thank you! Yeah. It started very modest and small and got better and bigger over time.
  14. I'm doing great! Thank you. What about you? :)

    So, you live in Tokyo? That's pretty cool! Do you like it there?

  15. Thanks Monsi for taking the initiative and creating this thread! Yes, it's been 2 years already and it's been a pretty fun ride for sure! Like you said, the site has become very active and that's just awesome. I mostly love how the wiki has progressed so much in those 2 years. We've really become a pretty complete resource for everything Detective Conan related and it just keeps getting better! So, thank you everyone for your constant support and, most importantly, for having fun doing it! Happy 2 years anniversary DCW!
  16. Not yet. I will soon.

  17. No problem. I'm doing good. What about you? :)

  18. Hello! :)

    How are you today?

  19. Hello! No worries about the random comment. :)

    Welcome to DCW btw! ^^

  20. The tricky thing is that I cannot add too many emoticons (it'll become harder to manage in the system over time). I could add some Conan ones though, cause they would really apply to the theme of the site. But I would like to see them first actually. So, post some of them here and everyone will be able to comment and give their feedback. If they're nice, I'll consider adding them.
  21. Thanks! Me too! :P How did you know I was away? :o

  22. Unusual question haha. I'm not sure I'd imitate Conan (though saying Alele sounds fun) but I do appreciate his genius mind hehe. What about you oneesan? :)

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