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    Well, this is another turning point in what passes for my existence here, namely the last one. From the time I was briefly active here (minus the previous years lurking, and the multiple years of hiatus in between, I have basically decided to hang it up. It's a bit of a polarized decision, given the fact that most of my activity was actually spent at the neighboring DCTP (which I'm most likely leaving as well) my having still made a few acquaintances here, given that my RL is even more miserable, it's actually just as frustrating staying. A number of factors have added up to this, and ultimately, it seems this is simply another chapter in my life I must bring to a close. I thank those here who were supportive and I thank those who I was able to engage in some interesting dialogues with. US
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    Link to the Wiki Article Oversights in Detective Conan I have a test article set up where I hope to catalogue oversights in Detective Conan, that is errors, plotholes, omissions, etc. It is a new type of article in that it is going to be full of opinions a bit like how tvtropes works. I am hoping it will work out considering how well speculation sections are doing across the board. If you want to add something or a rebuttal, please follow the guidelines. If you have anything to add, or suggestions on how to improve the layout, I am open to advice.
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    The Darkest Nightmare http://meitanteixx.deviantart.com/art/DC-Movie-20-Pitch-Black-Nightmare-Cover-576080460
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    Normally I'd just outright delete this, but I figure this is a perfect example of what NOT to post as a response in a discussion, or on any forum in general. Drop this attitude. Don't comment if you don't have anything constructive to add other than flamebaits and personal attacks. We don't need this crap.
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    After being away for a while, I bring to you... nothing new, just a little addendum to the previous Shônen Sunday Special Booklet posted by Chekhov: I noticed that some parts like the ones about Heiji Hattori and Kaitou Kid were missing and some time ago, the booklet was included in the german version of the 83rd volume of Detective Conan (including stuff like the "Yaiba Special Page", which I translated too, but not the three Kaitou Kid Special Pages... even though Yaiba never ever appeared in Germany XD). Therefore, these translations are based on the german versions. Nothing plot relevant, but maybe some interesting background info about how Gosho thinks and works for some of you out there. (And some stuff for the Yaiba fans, if there even are any on here. ) Heiji Hattori His father is the superintendent of Osaka. He is a high school detective. And he is so good, that even Conan/Shinichi respects him! Comment! The Anime just needed a rival... The highschool detective of the west He hails from Osaka and so he has a dialect - which is because a complete opposite just makes a rival all the more interesting! But the whole thing also has the background, that the leading editor from back then came from Osaka, so that I completely trusted him during the final approvals of Heiji's lines. Additionally, his dark complexion is also a strong contrast to Conan's/Shinichi's appearance. Concept At first I created a storyline which was designated for the start of the Anime series and should have introduced Ai Haibara, but this wasn't to be. And suddenly it was said that the Anime series needed a rival, so I created Heiji Hattori. It was evident to me that a rival would also have to be a highschool detective and one with a very contrary personality to Shinichi. Kaitou Kid Phantom thief and master of disguise. Nobody knows his real identity - but he is a high school student just like Shinichi Kudo and goes by the name of Kaito Kuroba! Comment! I needed a nemesis for my detective! Design He looks pretty cool of course, because he originally is the protagonist of another Manga series. But for every reader who doesn't know Magic Kaito, his guest appeareances in Detective Conan could feel a little bit disconcerting. I for one have the biggest fun while drawing him! Concept I wanted to have a powerful antagonist for Conan, someone like the Fiend with Twenty Faces from the works of Edogawa Rampo. And suddenly it occured to me that I drew such a character some years ago! From that time on it was decided that he would have guest appearances. Naturally I talked at length about it with my editor back then... who voiced his misgivings. So I tried to make Kaitou Kid's first appearances not too over the top. Bonus: Yaiba Kurogane Towards countless adventures together with his Thunder sword: Yaiba, the hero of the eponymous precursor series to Detective Conan! Comment! A shared appearance with Conan? At least his mother did herself the honor of showing up! Here you can see Yaiba, who Gosho drew for the first time after ten years on the occasion of this special booklet! I haven't drawn him for a long time. Somehow, I think he looks way to smart on this picture! Concept I used Teppei from Ore wa Teppei by Tetsuya Chiba as a model. I loved this Manga back when I was a kid! Teppei was also the reason why I started with Kendo. So Yaiba was kinda conceptualized as a Teppei with Thunder sword. On the other hand, it's fair to say that Teppei is way smarther than Yaiba! Similarities with Conan He never gives up and he doesn't cry. But that's just how heroes have to be! Especially in front of the Detective Boys Conan acts like Teppei, just like Yaiba. But when Conan turns into Shinichi he is more like Joe Yabuki from Ashita no Joe. How about a shared appearance with Conan? A shared appearance together with Conan? At least Yaiba's mother did herself the honor of showing up. Heiji's mother Shizuka got the second place in a Kendo tournament back at middle school - and the first place was taken by Michiko Tsubaki (maiden name), mother of Yaiba! Her face is the same as that of Moroha, the little sister of Yaiba. Whether Yaiba is also to be found somewhere? Probably not. Yaiba's mother in volume 28. Gosho Aoyama tells it all! Concept pages of the last case about Kaitou Kid, inlcuding comments by the master himself! How is Detective Conan made? On the next pages we will show you some concept art for the episode featuring Kaitou Kid from volume 82, together with some eye-opening commentary by Gosho Aoyama! I drew Makoto over the whole height of the page, because he had to look really cool. I don't really know who the people behind Inspector Nakamori are supposed to be, so I just wrote "Policemen". And because it was hard to tell the gem and the air gun projectiles apart, I provided them with some notes, too. Here you can see the finished manuscript! On the concept art there was only a simple circle, but on the finished page the gem shines in all its splendor! Makoto's gas mask is also pretty detailed on the finalized page. On the rough page it is hard to see that Ran and Conan are brushing their teeth, so there is an appropriate note. But you can recognize Ran pretty easily by her pointy hairdo, even on very rough concepts. And Conan is always easily recognizable by his text! And of course by his glasses and the crown. Even on the concept pages, the facial expressions are highly convincing! Here you can see the finished manuscript! The tooth brushing scene was pretty loose in the concept stage, but got a lot of details in the finalized manuscript. And the perspective from which the detective agency is seen has also changed - so its shown to its best advantage. The concept pages are always accompanied by a character overview, which serves as a reference! Every character is seen in a specific perspective. When Gosho Aoyama has decided about the looks of the respective characters he proceeds with the creation of the manuscripts! Here I used almost the same dialogue from a few pages before with other characters. Because this is a key scene, I kept the panel composition from the concept page in the finished manuscript. Conan: Looks like Kid stole the show from me in this story! The finished manuscript! Just like Gosho mentioned in his commentary, the panel composition often doesn't change from concept to manuscript stage. A character overview of the Suzuki family. An overview of every appearing character serves as a guideline during the production of a manuscript. This time, Sonoko's family gains center stage. Thanks alot for the exciting insights, Gosho Aoyama!
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    I have some random posts about this on DCTP... --- Team Shin-chan has three not-dead people: Shinichi, Shiho, and Akai, and two traitors: Amuro, Kir (and sort of Vermouth, maybe). Assuming that none of these will be discovered, does this mean the showdown with the boss is going to be repetitions of team Shin-chan sending out a not-dead person/traitor combo and then the boss going "I have a counter for that because I was paranoid!" before finally succumbing to repetitive tactics when temp antidote Shinichi takes the field? --- I think Gin is going to die in the final clash, and chances are he will do so trying to take somebody down with him. (Shiho or Shinichi are likely). Fire, explosions, or collapsing structures are likely to be involved. I think the literary need to cement him as the strongest opponent second to the boss will mean no one person's bullets or actions will be able to take him down completely, which is probably a good thing because a lot of characters owe him some payback. His Porsche may join him in death, because everyone loves expensive car destruction. Bonus points if the Porsche is used to crash a helicopter. --- My current favorite theory with no evidence to support it whatsoever is that the boss has been stuck in the body of a child for 50 some-odd years due to an accident/experiment/miscalculation that also caused Vermouth to stop aging too. He doesn't let anyone see him or hear his voice (besides Vermouth) because it would undermine his authority. The FBI and CIA can't pin him down because no one expects a child mastermind. It would be a pretty damn cool twist and a great final opponent for Conan because he has to trap a mirror of himself in a way that convinces adults, only his doppelganger has decades of experience and the force of the Organization to back him.(This idea is elaborated on in Chek's theories at DCTP's story discussion board) --- I seriously doubt Conan/Shinichi and pals are going to "raid the enemy base." Conan (it will most likely be primarily Conan's intellectual effort) is going to very cleverly trap them by manipulating events so they turn out to his liking. The boss and the rest of the org meanwhile will be doing the same. Shinichi might not even have all his facts lined up going in, but he will somehow manage to pull it out in the end with something jawdropping in its cleverness. How I think the end will work out. I imagine it will go down like a slightly more epic version of the confrontation with Vermouth; Conan will spend the majority of the time laying the plan and figuring out how to use the information accumulated over the course of the series to his advantage. Finally, there will be some triggering event that will cause Conan to put the plan into motion; perhaps the B.O. found out something or is threatening something sacred (like Ran). Conan will probably be flying by the seat of his pants at this point. The action will begin after that with both sides seeking to outmaneuver the other using whatever the triggering event is as a framework/setting. To avoid making the manga too mature, Gosho will "protect" Conan's pals and teen friends by having them primarily contribute in ways that don't involve them maiming people or getting too heavily into the line of fire. The police, the FBI, and Kogoro will be taking and giving out the real injuries on the protagonist's side. I expect that Conan will start cashing in some of his trump cards now. (Kir being a mole; Akai being alive, etc. whatever ones he has going in) Despite Conan's best efforts, everything will fall apart and look hopeless as the boss takes everything in stride and dominates the intellectual playing field with his own cunning traps. It will look pretty grim for Conan. The climax will probably be when Conan (not Shinichi but Conan), seemingly backed into a corner, reveals that the organization walked into his completely amazing, out-from-left-field trap. All of Conan's mysterious actions that didn't fit previously suddenly fall into place. Now is a good time for Conan to reveal his true identity. (Expect Ran to be party to the conversation somehow.) The Syndicate's last ditch struggle will probably involve something blowing up. This will provide a convenient karmic finish for the badguys who are unlikely to get carted off to prison, like Gin. Vermouth will probably have had the opportunity to interfere and ruin Conan's master plan completely, but she will have chosen not to for her own reasons. She may even have helped a little. When the dust has settled, Haibara will complete the antidote and Shinichi and Ran will be together and have their long awaited sappy love confession. (I hope Ran gives him a much deserved slap or fist to the face for lying all this time to her.) Conan/Shinichi will cry. (I'm not sure when or what the situation will be but it is bound to happen.) Also, Ai will genuinely smile, shocking the heck out of everyone including me. She may or may not take the antidote herself. (I think not personally.) I wonder if Ai will have confessed to Conan as well during the course of events? (If so, Conan probably had no idea it was coming.) I'm not sure Kaito Kid will even have a role in the end. --- I think the boss had some relation to a case involving Mouri Kogoro or his family at some point in time, possibly related to why Kogoro became a police officer, or is a Mouri himself. The reason why is because it would be odd story-structure wise to not have all of the three main characters (Kogoro, Ran, Shinichi) significantly involved in the final plot, Gosho likes to connect people in the past (childhood friends, past meetings prior to storyline via school or job, but also coincidental [Heiji-Shinichi, Kaitou Kid-Shinichi, Akai-Vermouth-Ran-Shinichi, Yukiko-Kaitou Kid-Vermouth, Agasa-Miyanos, etc.]), and the Mouri family non-romance history is noticeably blank. --- Vermouth and Jodie still have unfinished business with each other. I imagine the two of them will have their own version of a rematch. Also, I expect Yukiko will play a role, either indirectly by creating a disguise for someone to help out or directly since they two have an unresolved past with one another. If Kaito Kid is going to have a part in the takedown of any B.O. member, it will be Vermouth. (I don't think Kaito will though...) My guess is Vermouth will come cleanly out of the confrontation though, because she is going to need to resolve the "why does Vermouth seem to be betraying the org by not informing them about Conan and Ai" subplot. Also there are "Vermouth's connection to the Miyano's", "Vermouth's aging wonkiness", "Why does Vermouth flip Ai out more than other Org members?", and "Why is Vermouth the boss's favorite?" subplots as well that hasn't been touched on that will need to get wrapped up near the end. I think Shiho Miyano will be involved here. I think Vermouth's part of the final confrontation will emphasize the past of the org, it's research goals, and Vermouth's connection to Ai through her parents rather than the identity of the boss. I think Vermouth is either going to escape or will die by her own action or inaction, with the possibility of her betraying the org in the process rather than Jodie taking her out. Gin's role in the final confrontation will almost certainly be figuring out that it was Conan who has been causing the damage, but not necessarily his identity as Shinichi. Almost every time Gin appears in a confrontation so far, a hint is dropped for him about Conan's interference. Gin just hasn't pieced them together yet, and he will almost certainly be the one who will. Expect him to go after Conan with a vengeance. Also subplots related to him are "his relationship with Shiho", and "his past and motives for working in the org". Akai's vendetta with Gin will almost guarantee an epic matchup between them. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they both take each other out, if only that I would feel really bad for Jodie who would be left behind again... I don't think Shiho will play much of a roll in the confrontation, other than as Gin's target or maybe having a conversation at gunpoint with him. A lot of people have pointed out in the "how will Gin die" thread that Gin is unlikely to get carted of in chains... Akai will definitely have role in the close to the end if his Okiya disguise is not revealed at the finale of the Bourbon arc. My guess is that Conan will use him and Kir if Kir is still unknown as a mole as a trump card against the org, but while "causing the org damage" will not be the "critical hit" Conan hoped because the boss has mad intelligence/caution/anticipation skills. My guess is that Conan's plan will appear to go to hell in a handbasket, but then it is revealed at the end that in easily overlooked insignificant details Conan had been laying the foundation for a master plan. I think Kogoro and Ran and probably no one else will be Conan's primary "helpers" in the confrontation with the boss. I also think a temporary antidote will be involved as well which will invoke the Conan=Shinichi reveal. --- This one edited some. After the final confrontation, Shinichi takes the permanent antidote and he and Ran get together. Ran will definitely cry. They'll finally kiss or at least try to. Ran will have saved Shinichi at some point during the final confrontation. She will also have been made a damsel in distress. Kogoro will get a shining moment. If Kogoro knew Shinichi was Conan, we find out Kogoro was hitting Conan every time he was looking too smart as a warning, not because he hated kids. Maybe he suspected Conan was Shinichi all along and simply played the role because he was waiting for Shinichi to reach a point where he could tell Kogoro the truth. Shiho may take a temporary antidote for purposes of the last battle but she never takes the complete version because she wants to remain as Ai Haibara. The detective kids figure out/directly observe Conan was Shinichi and are made to keep quiet about it because deaging shouldn't become known to the world. Ayumi cries. Haibara gets revenge on Shinichi for this somehow per the promise she made about not making Ayumi cry. Vermouth either betrays the org by either helping Shinichi at some point in the last fight or more likely pseudo-betrays by choosing inaction during a particular situation which allows Conan to get a key advantage. She either dies or escapes. I favor escaping. Maybe she will steal a permanent antidote from Haibara and age properly. I don't think Jodie will get her. Vodka gets arrested. If Akai and Shiho never had their talk at the end of the Bourbon arc and Akai is not dead now, they have their chitchat now. Heiji actually figures out what those weird feeling towards Kazuha mean. She will call him an idiot multiple times. Kaito Kid doesn't get caught nor has much contribution to the finale. Kogoro and Eri may or may not get back together, but they'll have a talk and resolve some of their differences. They'll have a comedic argument during this however. --- I think each of the major factions (FBI, Police, Hattori) will chip something in on the final sprint to the end. The "final showdown" so to speak will probably only involve the core characters; however, Gosho leads in to the org showdowns in the form of an "investigation phase": cases where incidentally Conan gathers hints and tries to piece the picture together. My guess is that each major party will chip in some necessary observation or clue during the "investigation phase" to help Conan assemble the final puzzle. This way, everyone gets to help out, but avoids cluttering the storyline with too many people at the same time. An alternate way would be to have an extended final showdown which is broken into sections where different groups of characters are important, culminating in a "final final showdown" where only the core characters take part. ...Or some combination of both... --- Haibara will stay as Haibara in the end even though I don't think she would run away from her crimes if she took the antidote. The primary reason I think she will stay small is because she has no one to go back to as Shiho, but has made a lot of contacts as Ai; Shiho has no future, but Ai does. --- DCTP just went offline so I will have to search for more posts later.
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    Anyway, on topic, I personally get annoyed with Shiho for the same reason I am annoyed with Shinichi - she keeps secrets she shouldn't because she fails to trust others and in doing so causes unnecessary danger to those around her by not offering up information in a timely manner. While I understand that she may have psychological damage from being in the Organization and good reason to think Shinichi might run off and get himself killed if she tells him too much, it would behoove her to explain all the capabilities of Organization members to Conan immediately and not hide her suspicions if she fears she is being investigated. For instance, the moment she sensed Vermouth she should have explained to Conan that they might be dealing with a master of disguise. Conan would have been more careful around Araide (and everyone else in general) from the start and avoided a great deal of trouble.
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    If you are looking for specific Black Organization topics, see these: Black Organization's true plan (Speculation on what is the goal of the Black Organization.) Itakura's computer program Night Baron Virus APTX 4869 Are the Magic Kaito Organization and Detective Conan Black Organization the same? How will Shinichi/Conan beat the Black Organization? Why both the FBI and CIA are separately involved with the Black Organization Why is the Black Organization "Black"? The probable ending you would give each Organization member For individual members of the Organization, see the Thread Reference Guide. Anyway, I wanted to kick start some discussion since there has been a pretty dramatic lull in manga stuff. Here are three to start, feel free to add your own. Why do you all think the Black Organization focuses on getting people into entertainment (Kir, Vermouth) when science and computer stuff is more of their end goal? Why have we not encountered any canon science/tech BO who are infiltrating clean companies? Why do you think the Black Organization members are confused about Rum's obvious appearance, like whether he is masculine or feminine, old or young, yet everyone knows and agrees about his fake eye? What do you suspect are the circumstances behind Scotch's death?
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    This March article found by Waka reveals it was a pancreatic disease, although it's doubted to be cancer. http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/akb4800mk3/35694114.html
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    I don't think it's very popular, but then again I also don't feel like it deserves to be any more well known than it already is. In my opinion, there are far better anime out there that deserve much more attention (whether they receive it or not is a separate issue all together) and currently DC gets as much love as it is worth. It's far from the best thing I've watched/read, but it's also far from the worst. Only reason I see it as better than average is because of nostalgia. As for the big three shounen, Naruto is over (kinda), no one really gives Bleach the light of day anymore, and the only thing worth any attention is One Piece. Their reign on the anime community is crumbling, that's for sure. A bit off topic, but anime is nothing like it used it be over a decade and a half ago. No one wants to watch a never ending series, so those have been virtually snuffed out of existence. The age of fansubs are coming to an end now that Crunchyroll and Funimation have monopolized the market. The times they are a-changin', for better or worse.
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    Hey I am new to this forum but not new to Detective Conan. It's that one anime series that has accompanied me throughout my entire childhood and I still love it now as much as I did back then. I am also a singer and a selftaught composer and the soundtrack of DC has always been one of my favorites so two weeks ago when a friend told me about Gosho Aoyama's hospitalization I immediately sat down and wrote this song for him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H756L7JrX50 I guess he's never going to see it and it was probably dumb to write a song for him if he won't ever listen to it but I guess I was just caught up in the moment Anyways I thought maybe some of you might like it. Let's all hope that Aoyama sensei will get well soon ( Some people have told me he's out of hospital again and some claim he's still in but either ways we know his surgery was at least successful so I just hope he does not have to face any more complications after that and that he will recover soon ) Have a wonderful day
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    DCW Secret Santa 2015 I know this is late but since it seems like Moho won't be organizing the Secret Santa this year. I'll be taking charge of this year's Secret Santa. So yup, it's the time of the year again for Secret Santa (Yup, it's super late. I know. It should have been a month earlier but gahhh) Like the previous years, same rules except for the important dates for the event, some stuffs and the person who will be in charge, you can read them here. Anyways, I'll be just quoting in Moho's original rules in here, just in case: And here's what's changed from the rules, Important Dates of course! (I'll be using Eastern Standard Time) December-8-2015 : Beginning of sign ups for the Event! You guys can sign up now of course December-20-2015 : Final day to sign up for the Event. The exact time of the sign up closing will be around 5 PM (EST). Just like last year and/or the previous years, the Organizer will be assigning each participant with a random participant and will receive the random participant's wishlist through PM, so please, be around on this day or the day after. Compared to the last event though, I will be quickly assigning stuffs and the participants will receive their assigned wishlist within 9-10 PM (EST again) Also, if you want to drop out from the event, this is the last day for it! December-21-2015 : Actual start for the gift making will start on this day! Go on and make thy gifts December-30-2015 and December-31-2015 : Now, here's another important change on the dates, the Secret Santa Gift Exchanging is supposed to happen in the actual Christmas Day but since this Event started really really late like only now, the event itself is moved to the last day of the year (Don't worry it's still Christmas Season at that time since Christmas really ends on January 6). The Deadline for Gift Submission is on December 30 (till 11:59 PM EST No ifs no buts) and the Date where each participant will receive their said gifts will be the next day, December 31 (12 am EST onwards). So again, please be around these important dates. (If you have submitted your gift early, you don't need to be around on December 30) January-1-2016 : Nothing important for this event really Just Happy New Year to Everyone on that time! Other Important Notes: You cannot drop out from the event once the date for the closing of sign ups passes. So please, make sure you really have enough time to make your gifts (You have 9 days to do that) and also to be around the dates where said participation is needed. You can submit your gifts to me earlier than December 30 that's if you surely finished it. The event will only go on if we reach the minimum of 6 participants. Below the minimum, event is automatically cancelled. To make the event more mysterious and secret, I won't be revealing the name of the Participants till the end of the event. To avoid confusion, please do remember that I'm the one who is organizing the event. So it's to me that you'll submit your works and other event related stuffs unless Moho decides to do the event. If Moho decides to take over the event, I'll give him the Stage since this is supposed to be his but of course, We'll let every participant know about it, to avoid any confusion. Lastly, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THIS EVENT! IF YOU ARE THINKING TWICE WHETHER YOU WANNA JOIN OR NOT, SIMPLE ANSWER: DON'T. Current Number of Participants: 8 If you have any more questions, you can freely ask me through PM or here. EDIT: I edited the dates. Extended it till saturday. ANOTHER EDIT: RULE UPDATE: FOR ALL THE PARTICIPANTS, MAKE SURE YOU REALLY SUBMIT YOUR WORK BEFORE 30th (I'LL GIVE A BUFFER TIME LIKE A DAY OR TWO IF THERE IS SOMETHING NEED TO BE FIXED OR IF SOMETHING REALLY GOT IN THE WAY THAT PREVENTED YOU FROM DOING OR SUBMITTING YOUR GIFT). FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN A BAN FROM THE EVENT AND YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO JOIN EVER AND I'M NOT KIDDING ABOUT THIS. === Participants: Kjeldahl Aadikudo Alpha the Errorist windie astraculpa Rye Misaki-chan Waffle Santa Another Rule Edit: I don't know if last year there was a gift revelation, and if it's publicly or through PMs but anyways, this time around, the participants only will be the one to see the works of the other participants.
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    I put together this little English dub clip from the Meeting with the BO clip in the style of the Case Closed dub with myself doing Pisco assuming Bill Flynn may have played him and using Troy Baker's Gin voice. There are a few missing effects and delays, but try to enjoy it for what it is. http://www.veoh.com/watch/v92541282kE6m59qa
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    Calling it now: an AO character with heterochromia designed to take advantage of Rum hype. The only reason Rum has been teased up for the movie was to entice fans to jump to conclusions and agitate the hype sectors. (Don't mistake this for jaded pessimism. Said AO character may be cool in the end.)
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    THE SECOND CHAPTER OF MY VERMOUTH MANGA IS COMPLETE! Check it out here: http://meitanteixx.deviantart.com/gallery/54272093/DC-Behind-the-Black-Curtains-Vermouth-Part-2 Please enjoy and I’d appreciate any kind of feedback! ^^
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    Here’s a sneak peek on the cover for the next chapter of my Detective Conan - BTBC: Vermouth Manga! ^^
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    Um... Also... Let's see... snark/sarcasm, intellect, same situation (APTX). They are similar—Shinichi's/Conan's morals and desire to get involved in things is where he differs from Shiho/Ai, though she has picked up some of the former ("You can't buy people's hearts with money") from Shinichi/Conan. Which brings me to Shinichi's/Conan's effect on other characters, in terms of his morals... Ran may be affected the most (because they've known each other 13 years), but so many other characters in the series are affected, as well—Shiho/Ai, the Detective Boys, Heiji, so many of the culprits, including Vermouth. Ran being affected by Shinichi is not something that only happens to her. You're right—the two poles aren't the only personality types... there's them, and then everything in between. I was just using sharks and dolphins as an example—an example that Shiho/Ai, herself, uses. Eh, no... This is what we call a case of things that happen on screen that we, the observers of said fiction, don't see—they did make friends, from age 4 to age 16-17... we just didn't see it, because this is a mystery series, and, typically, their friends from school have nothing to do with cases. We do see their friends from high school, when it has to do with the current case, but they aren't shown most of the time, because, typically, their school has nothing to do with any cases. I certainly wouldn't mind if they interacted with these friends, even if it was just so that this accusation of "they have no friends" and "they have no good friends" would cease. Do we see Heiji's/Kazuha's friends? Kaito's/Aoko's/Akako's/Suguru's friends? Shiho/Ai's friends? No—and unless they're important to a case (or a heist, in MK's case), we won't be seeing them. Again, I certainly wouldn't mind if they interacted with these friends, even if it was just so that this accusation of "they have no friends" and "they have no good friends" would cease, and that goes for all the teenage characters. Oh, yes... one two-day adventure in three years (just under 1000 days)... so indicative. They're already connected by the fact that three of their parents know each other... and speaking of which, Kogoro, in spite of being a gambling, alcoholic womanizer, has similar morals to Shinichi (see Kogoro's class reunion case, Kogoro's choice). His negative qualities haven't rubbed off on Ran, but his positive ones seem to have. Ran was the only one who stood up to Shinichi during his first ever deduction, and wasn't impressed. That, and the fact that Shinichi saw her being bullied, was what brought them together, initially. I'll say it, again—the fact that Ran is kind-hearted and good is the reason he loves her, and also because she's "strong-willed and stubborn" (175). It certainly would help if Shinichi/Conan articulated why he loves her, but I can tell it's because of these reasons. And it's true that while Shinichi loves Ran, he doesn't trust her—that's a problem. Her finding out would do quite a bit for character development, and to resolve this issue. Now, then... I have to ask, have you seen the latest file (925), the raws of which came out, yesterday? What do you think?
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    Yo! Its been reeaally long, people :3 So Im back with some drawings! >:3 No wait...its a drawing ;__; well. Anyway, here it is~ Finally got a tablet, but damn, this is difficult :V So messed up :3
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    Newest AC translations, thanks to Jecka and Spimer. The first is a pretty funny blooper story from the recording of the anime version of "Scarlet Series" "When (Toru) Furuya, during his recording of "Scarlet Series" was supposed to say the line "Akai..Shuichi..", He accidentally said "Akai.. Suisei.." (Red Comet; Char's nickname from Gundam). The entire studio exploded with laughter. *Laughs*" "The anime version of "Scarlet Series" looks nice, however, I'd preferred that they'd used black for Yusaku's neck choker. Looks like they'll fix it on the DVD ( )v.."
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    iShinichiKudo: Gosho Aoyama is going on a break with plans to resume in early summer. Starting with the 28th issue, Shonen Sunday will start publication on the Meitantei Conan Fukkoku Rensai Series (Detective Conan Reissue Serialization Series) for the second time. 1 Jun 15, 04:58 AM file spoiler
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    Finished two Fan arts! [''Conan in Sesame Street'' and ''Conan in Space'' is up next] The Yokomizo Brothers (request by Chekhov MacGuffin) Kaito and Toichi (request by Kitty Paw)
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