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  1. Forever Lost


    Yay! Feel free to read some, if you want Yeah, I've secretly enjoyed some poorly-written fics, myself. I guess the thing that kills me the most is bad grammar + extremely unbelievable characters + extremely fast-paced 'plot'. It's .... the thing nightmares are made of for me. But there are some people who, while having a lot of mistakes because of ESL or whatnot, still write well. You just have to piece together what they meant to say every now and then. ^^;
  2. Forever Lost


    Haha, yeah.... OOC is sadly pretty common in noncanon, but there are some people who write CoAi super well. I tend to write CoAi-ish stuff, but I'm scared to promote my stories too much in the case that they aren't that IC enough and I ruin your beautiful time in this new open-minded fangirl-indulgent place XD Usually poor grammar immediately in the fic is a good sign to just turn around and look for another story so you don't get overwhelmed by the many super OOC stories floating about XD;; (I keep reading that sentence and I'm not sure if that makes sense or not ..)
  3. Forever Lost


    Yay!! <3 Makes me feel special for inspiring you one step closer to the CoAi ship
  4. If anyone reads that, they probably think I have a split personality or some serious mental issues.
  5. Fried dough that always seems like a good idea (the yummy smell is so enticing ~) but turns out to be a terrible one once you get halfway through it. Define parmesan. (now that we're on the topic of food)
  6. -.--...---.---....--.--.--..-.--.-.--..-.--.-.--..-.--.-.--..-.--.-.--..-.--.-.--..-.--.

  7. o.o If there's any rhyme or reason to the --. and such, I cannot decipher >.>

  8. .--.-..--.-.--.-..--.-.--.-..--.-.--.-..--.-.--.-..--.-.--.-..--.--.--....---.---...--.-

  9. Right after telling me how right I am, you go against my advice yet again. I give up.

  10. Forever Lost


    Thanks! Glad it inspired you
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