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  1. haha so that's what you meant yes of course I have it just give me your mail adress and I'll send it to you
  2. I am very glad you like the chorus so much But I am sorry I am just a small self taught composer with little to no knowledge of mixing and mastering songs so this is the best version I could do. I know my voice doesn't sound too clear and the music is overall too quiet but yea. Maybe one day I can rerecord this song at a studio and let someone mix my instrument files properly
  3. thanks so much Seriously that means a lot! This song is actually a year old because I always thought it wasn't good enough so I never quite got to finish it. But when I heard the news about Aoyama sensei I tried my hardest to do it as DC is my favorite series from my childhood and I still love to watch it today So I am very glad when fans of the series also like it So thank you again for writing such a kind comment!
  4. Thanks Haha I'll try to prove you wrong And I'm very happy about that. Thanks for becoming a fan MKay :3
  5. Ah really? Thanks so much! I used to listen to the soundtrack a lot when I was a kid. It's been my favorite anime soundtrack ever since and I wanted the song to fit it so I'm glad if you thought it were official
  6. Thank you :3 I am so happy everyone leaves such positive reviews I was very inspired by the original soundtrack of DC so I'm glad you also like the background music
  7. oh that's sad :/ but if you have other goals than I guess it's ok Pretty much all I do is compose so I won't give up on making music for now. I've given up the thought of having a label sign me quite a while ago though nah I wouldn't say failed musician. Maybe it was just the wrong moment or the wrong people you sent it to. yea well I can't even name the genre of music I make but even indie labels want musicians who make stuff that you can put on the radio :/ Well you don't actually need a label for that. If you can finance yourself through sites such as patreon for example you can just pay a studio for mixing and recording. Nah it's not that many just a few Thank you very much That's very nice :3
  8. cool can I find your stuff on Youtube too? yea I know but I must say I don't really have the time to study this too cause I know how much it will take. It's always been a decision between putting effort into making better arrangements or a better mixing/mastering process and I just felt like I'd rather try to upload decent songs with a crappy mastering than a crap song with awesome mastering. Also my attention span is practically non-existent if I have to do things that aren't interesting to me and I guess mixing and mastering falls into that category Of course it would be awesome if I could also do that alone but right now next to university there's nothing left. Also I am drawing a 2D animation music video right now so also no private life either XD Everytime I try to use a compressor my voice just sounds messed up and weird so I upload every song with the original unedited vocals except for the reverb. (At least I can say that it's all real XD ) Well discovered is probably the wrong word. I am not really looking for a label or anything but I would rather like to use platforms such as Patreon to do my stuff. It would be awesome already if I could make a living of this. Also if I were signed I could probably not do a lot of stuff like I do now anymore cause let's face it: no matter how beautiful people think my songs are they are not ever going to be on the radio. It's just not mainstream material and I am not sure if I want to bend. Thank you Well I just recently started covering stuff. My newest video is a cover of Owari No Serafu's first opening. If you check that out you can hear how I arrange covers (like I did an orchestral version of the song ). I now have a few requests for some covers and I will probably continue to do covers until I have finished the 2D animation video. Btw my real goal ( or rather a dream right now cause I don't know if it won't turn out awkward) is to make cosplay music videos to my tribute songs. But I don't know. I might look stupid in cosplay so I will try that first and hopefully it will work out. I am thinking about a black butler cosplay video cause the darker Evanescence like style fits that mood
  9. XD hey thanks so much MKay I am glad if you like it and yea all you hear is my work. I arranged the instruments, wrote the lyrics and recorded my vocals at home. And you're right about the vocal intensity but as I am completely self-taught (except for the singing cause i had a teacher for 5 years) I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. I just press some keys on my keyboard, record it and if it turns out good I keep it and if it doesn't I delete it, same with vocals. But I don't know how to work my microphone and this song was actually too high and intense and too quiet in other parts to properly record so if I hadn't put the reverb on the voice it wouldn't sound so smooth :/ I really just hope I can make it a bit on Youtube and get the chance to professionally record the stuff so I can finally sing as loud and as passionate as I want to without having to worry about my microphone giving up XD But still I am very glad if you think it fits the soundtrack and if it sounds somewhat professional Also thanks for the Evanescence comparison When I was younger everyone would say I sound like Shakira and now Amy Lee XD so cool
  10. Woah thank you so much for your support Akazora! That gif is hilarious XD I hope you will enjoy my future stuff! Yeah I saw that before I posted and usually I am more of a lurker anyways but it's probably truly cozier and it might make participation here easier for starters like me
  11. Hey I am new to this forum but not new to Detective Conan. It's that one anime series that has accompanied me throughout my entire childhood and I still love it now as much as I did back then. I am also a singer and a selftaught composer and the soundtrack of DC has always been one of my favorites so two weeks ago when a friend told me about Gosho Aoyama's hospitalization I immediately sat down and wrote this song for him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H756L7JrX50 I guess he's never going to see it and it was probably dumb to write a song for him if he won't ever listen to it but I guess I was just caught up in the moment Anyways I thought maybe some of you might like it. Let's all hope that Aoyama sensei will get well soon ( Some people have told me he's out of hospital again and some claim he's still in but either ways we know his surgery was at least successful so I just hope he does not have to face any more complications after that and that he will recover soon ) Have a wonderful day
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