The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door

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Episode 894-895
(Int. Episode 949-950)

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Title: The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door
Japanese title: となりの江戸前推理ショー
(Tonari no Edomae Suiri Shō)
Original airdate: March 3, 2018 (Part 1)
March 10, 2018 (Part 2)
Broadcast rating: 8.4%
Manga case: #282
Season: 27
Manga source: Volume 92: Files 5-7 (975-977)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Ai Haibara
Kanenori Wakita
Kamen Yaiba
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Iroha Sushi (Part 1)
Wasabi, pickled ginger, and grated radish (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Organizer: Masaki Ozora
Storyboard: Masaki Ozora
Episode director: 894: Minoru Tozawa
895: Hiroaki Takagi
Animation Director: Seiji Muta (supervisor)
894: Keiko Sasaki
Hideyuki Motohashi (layout supervisor)
Yui Ushinohama
Chie Morishita (asst.)
Kanako Baba (asst.)
Aya Sasaki (asst.)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Kyoko Yoshimi (sub-character)
Kumiko Shishido (design works)
Opening song: Everything OK!!
Closing song: Kamikaze Express
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The Tokyo-Style Detective Show Next Door (となりの江戸前推理ショー Tonari no Edomae Suiri Shō?) is the 894th and 895th episode of the Detective Conan anime.

Characters introduced





Part 1

Kogoro wins a horse race with the price money being 100 times of the original bet, which turns out to be 1 Million Yen. But he admits that it is a ticket he accidentally picked up. Regardless, they go to the neighbourhood sushi restaurant to celebrate. There they meet Wakita who turns out to be proficient in deductive reasoning. He correctly predicts the horse Kogoro bet on just by listening to their conversation. While introducing himself, Wakita says that he is a detective maniac and that he struggles to stay at one place and is constantly moving. He wanted Kogoro to narrate some cases he had solved. It seems that Wakita has a 'bad' eye, much to the suspicion of Conan as an eligible 'Rum' suspect.

Meanwhile, a lady storms into the restaurant shouting that somebody stole her pouch. The pouch is found by the lady on the restaurant bathroom. She says that it was stolen on the train and that the culprit should have an injury to the wrist administered by her as she caught the hand of the thief on the busy train.


Ep894 - Theft.jpg

Location: Train
Victim: Suzuyo Hijirisawa
Age: 47 years old
Missing Items: Winning Tickets
Suspects: Tsunetaka Harashima, Tameshige Munechika, and Natsume Ashino
The thief most likely overhears the conversation and stole the pouch just for the winning ticket which pays a hundred fold.

Wakita seems to be getting competitive with Kogoro, who avoids going any further into the matter as it seems that the ticket he accidentally picked up was originally hers.

Part 2

Wakita volunteered to present his deduction to Kogoro but got wrong. Conan tranquilizes Kogoro when all of the suspects are trying to leave the sushi restaurant and start to pinpoint who the thief is.


  • Resolution

    Manga to anime changes

    • In the anime, twenty movie names are added for horses although the manga only mentionned two (Pirate's Spirit and Darkest Nightmare).
    • In the anime, Conan sits next to Kogoro on the sofa to watch the horse race.
    • Kogoro explains that he's been unlucky since the beginning of the day in the manga. In the anime, what he tells Conan is shown in flashbacks.
    • Kogoro and Ran bicker in the anime while Conan notices Kogoro won his horse race bet. This doesn't happen in the manga.
    • Kogoro kisses his winning ticket in the anime, when he only looks at it happily in the manga.
    • When Kogoro, Conan and Ran enter the sushi restaurant in the manga, there's only one employee, Kanenori Wakita. In the anime, there are three employees.
    • In the manga, when Kogoro orders three very expensive meals, Ran scolds him by implying they don't have the money. In the anime, Kogoro answers that he can spend this money thanks to the race he just won. Conan reacts to this by saying that the ticket is probably not his only in the anime.
    • In the anime, Conan thinking "One of Rum's eyes... is artificial" is replaced by a flashback of episode 793.
    • In the anime, after Kogoro explains the Zombie cottage case to Kanenori, he asks for more beer.
    • In the manga, Kogoro or Ran reacts each time a client orders something. Kogoro is surprised that a young client drinks a coke with his sushi, so Ran doesn't tell Kogoro not to bicker with the other clients. Kogoro wants to eat something another client ordered, but Ran reminds him he has cholesterol. These reactions didn't make it to the anime adaptation.
    • In the manga, when the victim arrives at the restaurant, she doesn't say anything and goes to the loos right away. In the anime, she immediately declares she knows the one who stole her pouch is in the restaurant.


    • The different horses at the race where Kogoro was bidding are named after different movies:
    9th Race
    10th Race
    11th Race
    12th Race
    • The jockeys' names in the race are named after actual Japanese jockeys:
    • Manabu Hamada (浜田 学) = Suguru Hamanaka (浜中 俊)
    • Masao Ebiyama (蛯山 正男) = Masayoshi Ebina (蛯名 正義)
    • Junichi Yoshida (吉田 准一) = Masahito Yoshida (吉田 隼人)
    • Yasuharu Endo (遠藤 康晴) = Katsuharu Tanaka (田中 勝春)
    • M. Demuri (M.デムーリ) = M. Demuro (M.デムーロ, Mirco Demuro)
    • M. Beri (M.ベリ)
    • Mamoru Matsuda (松田 守)
    • Yoshio Oyama (大山 善男)
    • Keiichi Sugawara (菅原 圭一) = Ryuichi Sugawara (菅原隆一)
    • Yutaka Maruyama (丸山 豊)
    • Osamu Goto (後藤 治)
    • Osamu Tanabe (田辺 治)
    •  ? Ebara (江原 照?)
    •  ? Kita (北 ?宏)
    • Tsunetaka Harashima (原島 常貴) comes from "stomach" (腹, hara) and "sushi ingredients" (ネタ, neta);
    • Tameshige Munechika (宗近 為重) comes from "chest" (胸, mune) and "cooked rice grains" (飯, meshi);
    • Natsume Ashino (芦野 捺芽) comes from "foot" (足, ashi) and "tsume" (ツメ), a type of sauce applied on fish in sushi;
    • Suzuyo Hijirisawa (聖沢 鈴代) comes from "elbow" (肘, hiji) and "vinegar" (酢, su).


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan Dub) Un show de detectius a l'antic estil toquiota! Detective show in the old Tokyo-style!
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Numéro de déduction au restaurant d'à côté Deduction show at the next door restaurant
    Flag of Thailand Thai โชว์สืบสวนข้างบ้านสไตล์เอโดะ Next door detective show, Edo-style
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Màn suy luận của thám tử phong cách Edo ngay bên cạnh


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