The Security System's Pitfall

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Episode 860


Title: The Security System's Pitfall
Japanese title: 防犯システムの落とし穴
(Bōhan Shisutemu no Otoshiana)
Broadcast rating: 6.9%
Filler case: #279
Original airdate: May 20, 2017
Season: 27
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Theft
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Junichi Iioka and Yuuki Nouzuka
Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama
Episode director: Koichiro Kuroda
Animation director: Michitaka Yamamoto, Shigenori Taniguchi, Kousei Takahashi
Opening song: Ikusen no Meikyuu de Ikusen no Nazo wo Toite
Closing song: YESTERDAY LOVE
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The Security System's Pitfall (防犯システムの落とし穴 Bōhan Shisutemu no Otoshiana?) is the 860th episodes of the Detective Conan anime.


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[edit] Situation

Location: Beika Station
Place: Jewelry Shop
Suspects: Robbers


Location: Condominium
Victim: Naotsugu Kitagami
Age: 32 years old
Cause of death: Blunt head trauma
Suspects: Junko Miyoshi and Ryosuke Sawada

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[edit] Trivia

  • There is an error in this episode: when the victim slips on a bottle of alcohol in Kogoro's scenario, he is wearing white socks, but when he is falling off his balcony in the very next shot, his socks are black.
  • Inspector Megure tells Junko Miyoshi that Division Three will be in contact with her soon regarding the thefts that took place in her apartment. Division Three focuses on robberies and is the division that Inspector Nakamori belongs to.

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