Two Faces

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Chapter 1102

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Title: Two Faces
Japanese title: 表裏
Original release: October 12th, 2022
Shōnen Sunday issue: #46/2022
Volume: 103
Pages: 16
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Two Faces (表裏 Hyōri?) is the 1102nd chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #46/2022 on October 12, 2022 and has been published as part of Volume 103 on April 12, 2023.





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A bit of time has passed, and the crowd is still waiting outside, as Kid is nowhere to be seen. Chujo and Karino agree that the Fujin Road was useless and that somehow the thief managed to escape, making Andou frustrated. She confirms with inspector Nakamori that no one has crossed the passage. Sonoko brings up the subject of the crown, saying that if no one has it, then Kid should have disappeared, insinuating the fact that they are going around in circles. Conan interrupts them, saying that the culprit painted one side of the crown black, while the other side remained in its original color. Nakamori then approaches the encasing, and notices that the crown is still there, with the side facing them being pitch black. This meant that when Kid was showing the crown in the encasing when he appeared, he in fact turned the crown around so the black side would face them. In absence of color, the crowd would perceived the crown as not being there. Bunji Karino attempts to walk out, but Conan confronts him as Kaitou Kid, prompting the latter to take off his costume, revealing the white Phantom Thief. Kid in turn asks Conan how he knew it was him (as Karino), and Conan replies that the only one who could have messed with the crown was him, and that the spray paint can he used must have had the light-absorbing paint in it. While Conan thinks he has Kid cornered, Kid takes out his power-engine skates and jumps into the Fujin Road, while taking away the crown with his super-strength string. Conan then picks up his skateboard and chases him in the passage, barely making it through the three minutes it takes for it to close on itself. As guards approach, Kid throws a smokebomb and enters the elevator, where he meets an Azusa on the phone. As Conan arrives, he disguses as her, forcing the former in a dilemma: Which is the Azusa?

Conan realizes he cannot use the stun-gun, as the other would remain awake and could still be Kid, and he does not feel good about having to knock them both out with his kick-shoes. Suddenly, he hears the voice of Amuro on Azusa's phone, asking if she is alright. Conan decides to have him ask the two Azusas a question that will determine which is the real one. Amuro then yells through the phone that he loves Azusa, making one blush and the other reply "huh ?". Conan figures out the real one is the one that reacted weirdly and that the one who blushed is Kid, but a smokebomb dropped by Kid allows him to escape the elevator. After the smoke dissipates, Conan and Azusa remain with the crown, as it wasn't the jewel Kid was looking for. Nakamori is again infuriated that Kid escaped again, while watching his hang glider from the window, but again, Conan won over the Phantom Thief.

In a well-decorated bedroom, a seemingly bothered old man looks at the news of Conan and Jirokichi's victory on his phone and gets angry as he learns about it. He crushes the phone with his cane, while a bird lands on his shoulder.




  • The first smoke bomb Kid uses in this chapter is a different one from the usual ones detonated, as they are usually round, but this one was from a canister. The second however, which was thrown in the elevator, was indeed round. Also, Kid uses a super-strong string to retrieve the crown. This is also the introduction in Detective Conan of the Turbo Engine Skates, which previously appeared in Volume 2 of Magic Kaito.

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