The Secret of the Insect Man

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Episode 955
(Int. Episode 1012)

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Title: The Secret of the Insect Man
Japanese title: 昆虫人間のヒミツ
(Konchūningen no Himitsu)
Original airdate: September 28, 2019
Broadcast rating: 5.0%
Filler case: #321
Season: 29
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Detective Boys
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Mayor
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Yoshio Urasawa
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Episode director: Mayo Nozaki
Animation Director: Seiji Muta, Nobuyuki Iwai and Masatomo Sudo (Supervisors)
Nobuyuki Iwai
Keiko Sasaki
Yui Ushinohama
Hajime Kamegaki (mecha)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Rei Masunaga and Chiemi Hironaka (sub-character)
Hiroshi Ogawa (Design works)
Opening song: ANSWER
Closing song: Sissy Sky
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The Secret of the Insect Man (昆虫人間のヒミツ Konchūningen no Himitsu?) is the 955th episode of the Detective Conan anime.




Genta brings Conan, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko to Kuronosu, a small village, so he can catch "insect men" at a town organized event where townspeople are disguised as insects. After running to a sound they thought was the cry of the insect man, the Detective Boys find out that it is only the sound of bulldozers working the land in a forest. The workers get angry and chase them until they are able to go back in town. There, they meet two kids dressed as insects who tell them what is happening in the village currently. Using a picture-story show, they explain that there was once a government official that went in Kuronosu to plan the construction of public baths and casinos in the forest land for the villagers. Unfortunately, the mayor opposed the project as the forest had cultural and historical value since it was the legendary nature-loving Princess Gaga's supposed resting place. The mayor devised a plan and kicked out the official from the village and then planned to open an insect man ranch in the forest instead. Since villagers opposed, the mayor retired a year ago and bought the forest with his own money and moved bulldozers over the place. The mayor then died from a heart attack before being able to put his plan in action. The villagers found out that the whole idea of an insect man ranch was a fraud and a scheme of his to dig up Gaga's grave and sell its treasures.

Scam? (Past)

EP955 Case.png

Location: Kuronosu Village
Victim: Kuronosu Village
Time: A year ago
Culprit: Chosuke Murano
A year ago, Murano planned to open an insect man ranch although it was all a scheme so he could dig up Princess Gaga's treasures and appropriate them for himself.

The adults of the village were all angry and decided to try to find the treasure by using the map of the forest he had left in his pocket while the children remained in town. While the boys prepare ramen for the Detective Boys, Conan investigates by himself the backstory of the village and tries to find out why the mayor did that. While investigating, Conan goes to the post office, the medical clinic and the town hall to gather more information but there is still one piece of the puzzle missing. On the other hand, the Detective Boys dressed themselves as insect men and headed to Gaga Shrine's forest where the forest is. They get themselves in trouble as they are cornered by the construction workers. Conan, after hearing them yelling, runs to help them but they are forced to climb to a three to escape. On top of the three, Conan figures out the truth.

Hostage Situation

EP955 Case2.png

Location: Gaga Shrine, Kuronosu Village
Victim: Conan Edogawa, Ayumi Yoshida, Genta Kojima and Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya
Age: 6/7 years old
Culprit: Townspeople on the excavation site
The adult working in the forest saw the Detective Boys and tried to kidnap them since they were in the way.


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    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) El secret de l'home insecte The secret of the insect man
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Le Secret des humano-insectes The secret of the insect-humans
    Flag of Thailand Thai ความลับของมนุษย์แมลง The Secret of the Insect Humans
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Bí mật của người côn trùng

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