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You think you're funny? Really? 'Cause I've really been nice to you. This whole freaking time. But really, if you try to take advantage of me, it's not happening. That game's over and done with. So tomorrow morning, if you don't own up to your mistakes, prepare for the raising of lava and all that.

You don't get to use my thorough cleaning as a reason to not do your freaking chores. Don't stand there and go back on an agreement, or say you did your chores because my work can pass as good enough for you. Don't tell me you covered for me and just can't remember for what. Because I'm seriously very very angry with you and it will take only a moment for me to go off on you. Tomorrow morning, get yourself together. Or else.

^--- Thaaat's what's on my mind ~

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uh-oh, detective Kudo, you got 4 posts at once.

anyways, I am now working on Korean Chatroom since I found some time.


-Finished with the consonant/vowel chart (although it's C&P from what I did earlier...)

-Currently fixing the pronunciation for each word...

-Some words are going to be hard to pronounce so I'm trying to think of a way to make it easy.

Going to add basic vocab and basic rules of Korean language next.

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