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  1. Did you look in the M16 thread on the Fansubs & Scanlations board?

  2. no, there are no link for Movie 16, the last movie posted was movie 15

  3. You can find a download link to M16 on DCTP ^^

  4. hey misaki chan do tou have link for download detective conan movie 16, please give me the link

  5. hey, carpet crawler, would you give me a link for Detective Conan movie 16 with eng sub please, i haven't seen this movie

  6. please let me know if DCTP has release the movie,
  7. sure :) im new here so lets make friend~:D

  8. thanks for the Add!!!

  9. Hi Akai I just found your post about Detective Conan SDB, it's published in my country, and it was published 4 books 10+.20+.30+.and 40+, but I just have one book SDB 30+, now I want the 40+ but it's rare in the book store.

    where do you lived and how many DC SDB have published in your country?...

    where do y

  10. is it too late to join the challenge now?...
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