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  1. Did you look in the M16 thread on the Fansubs & Scanlations board?

  2. no, there are no link for Movie 16, the last movie posted was movie 15

  3. You can find a download link to M16 on DCTP ^^

  4. hey misaki chan do tou have link for download detective conan movie 16, please give me the link

  5. hey, carpet crawler, would you give me a link for Detective Conan movie 16 with eng sub please, i haven't seen this movie

  6. hikari4869

    Movie 16, "The Eleventh Striker"

    please let me know if DCTP has release the movie,
  7. hikari4869

    who's the most attractive guy in DC?

    Shuichi Akai . So cool !!!
  8. hikari4869

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    cold play - Fix you I must be Fixed!
  9. sure :) im new here so lets make friend~:D

  10. thanks for the Add!!!

  11. Hi Akai I just found your post about Detective Conan SDB, it's published in my country, and it was published 4 books 10+.20+.30+.and 40+, but I just have one book SDB 30+, now I want the 40+ but it's rare in the book store.

    where do you lived and how many DC SDB have published in your country?...

    where do y

  12. hikari4869

    30 Day Detetive Conan Drawing Challenge!

    is it too late to join the challenge now?...