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  1. Rye

    Happy Happy Birthday Jewel-chan! I miss you a lot!

  2. Jewel! Did you know that you shine much more than an actual jewel? Well you do! And I love you, Jewel, my friend!

  3. Happy Brithday Jewel-chan!

  4. ♫happy birthday to you♫...♫happy birthday to you♫...♫happy birthday dear Er-za♫...♫happy birthday to you!!!!!♫ :P (lol i was singing while writing it)

    1. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      Thank you!

      XD lol that would've been more awesome if I heard you sing that

  5. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
  6. dear table, why do i always get my foot stubbed by you... me
  7. skip beat! can't wait for the next chapter
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