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1000 Ways to die (Forum game)

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Suddenly you wake up from a slumber, unaware of your surroundings, and you look around confused. You're tied down to the trunk of a tree in the woods of England. Night has fallen. You cannot move or even flee, your stomach has been laid bare, and your belly is covered in truffle oil. You try in vain to twist and turn, but the rope won't budge, and soon you give up. You shout for help, but no one answers. At first it's quiet, then you hear a low grunt. Then two, soon three, coming closer and closer every minute. It's the local wild boars, and they have caught the scent of the truffle oil. You realise what is going on, and you fear for what is to come. You watch in horror as they move to your position and start chewing, chewing, chewing... All the while you're awake and screaming, in the middle of the abandoned, dark woods kilometers away from every living soul of England.


Basically what happens in one of my favourite Midsomer Murders episodes. Damn.

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Trying to open a jam jar lid by jumping from the highest floor of burj khalifa... (I played a game, giving dumb ideas to open a jam jar, and so this idea is formed from one of my friends:):P )



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12 hours ago, AnimeOtakuDrew said:

Not necessarily by becoming his acquaintance, but if you find him (along with Kogoro and Ran) broke down or out of gas and invite them to stay at your home until morning, you're screwed.



Met assassinating Gin and Vodka by coincidence... 

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