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  1. I admit it, you were the most legendariest of thiefs

  2. But! I'm not a Zoomer! am I? ..Am I a zoomer? Edit: I'm a boomer, I must be. :V Accidentally sent it before I could finish writing, atop of double-posting. Was listening to Don't Stop Believin' by Journey.
  3. Danish. Pastry or not, I'm sweet and delicious.
  4. ? who are you replying to OMM: Now that Easter is over... maybe I'll be able to lose some weight again.
  5. Huhh, do you know what day today is? YES, today is the day! The day... I joined DCW! Twelve long years ago.. holy.


    Oh, also, happy birthday Dory old gal.

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Uhh, I mean young! Eternally young Dorothy, forever 20! ahaha.. ahh

  6. Ey, it's Al! my best pal

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    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Ayy, lmao. Me, I'm at university, studying software and the likes. How about you? Doing well I hope?


      It's been quite a hectic few years since last we spoke.


      Edit: By the way, AL, have you got a Discord account? I'm a lot more active there

    3. A L

      A L

      I used to have a Discord, might still have it. Only got it when I had a mac, somehow that little taskbar thingy they had was good, but then I ditched Apple :P DCW is one of the rare places of social media I actually visit XD 

    4. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Aye, I know what you mean. I had a Facebook account once, but I deleted it 12 years ago, and haven't had anything like it since. Discord is the only thing I use regularly that can be considered a social media (..medium?), I guess.


      Anyway, how are you doing, AL? I see you changed your display name

  7. And I got another piece yesterday as well! Talk about luck. Edit: Last food I ate was chips, no dip, while watching Midsomer Murders.
  8. I ate a piece of cake last night. Eating it wasn't difficult at all -- in fact, it was a.. uh, piece of cake... to get down.
  9. Currently rereading Detective Conan. I forgot where I last left off, as it's been 7-8 years, if not longer, since I last read any. Pretty nostalgic, I must say.
  10. Victory is mine! You may take it, but never keep it!
  11. Dear Anonymous, Welp. I feel crappy now. I wanted to say so much. I won't make any excuses, though. You're not a paragraph. You're not a chapter, nor an act. You're at the very least an entire volume. And you're the protagonist, not I. I may be narrating it, but the volume is really about you. I know you'll never read this, but I wish you the best. I'm honestly happy for you! So, knowing this is it, all I can say is... Thank you, and I'm sorry. Truly sorry. Signed, Your favorite Dane P.S. Belated happy birthday(s)! -------------------------------------- Edit: Psych! I wasn't done. 2024! A new year; a new king; and now a new-ish you. Happy birthday!
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