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  1. Kimi no Na wa - "Your Name" it's anime movie. That's counted as movie, right?
  2. crossing the railroad and getting hit by a train
  3. Oh. So we're only just waiting for it to be revealed in the manga? Since Gosho already said about who being cousins. Okay. Got it. Thanks.
  4. 12093 forever might not be as long as you think it is.
  5. Banned for having your display photo (that's my fave dc ep)
  6. Yep. You are definitely mistaken.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. I am aware that Gosho haven't answered yet who are the two mothers that are actually sisters. it got me a little confused because Serinox said it's 99% confirmed.
  8. Wait. Where is it that Elena Miyano and Mary being confirmed as sisters?
  9. I'm just happy to know that Kansuke is not Rum. I've been suspicious of Yonehara too since for a minor character, she appears too often.She could be a candidate as someone in BO, but as Rum, if we follow the alcohol names for coding, isn't Rum supposed to be a man? Unless she's in disguise, like Vermouth disguised as Araide? Hmmm...
  10. Well, let's just all hope he gets better soon and that his condition is not life-threatening. He needs to finish DC first before he dies. And maybe add more chapters to MK too, So, yeah. He's not dying anytime soon. Nope. Cannot be.
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