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Lupin of the Heisei Era

Lupin art thread

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Love them both! A rep for you!!

thanks XD!

<3! <3! <3! what's that white box in the second image? one rep for you! =)

it should be wrote "aoyama gosho" but i forgot.

and thanks for the rep XD!

i love how there now not fuzzy

and u can still write other stuff on the page

and there cute


thanks so much XD!

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*gives a rep*

*head bows*

thank you^^

What the....

It looks like the original one.....

Yukiko <3

I'll try to give you later...

thank you! you really like yukiko XD

wow! this is ur best one yet! it looks just like gosho and i especially like the shinichi with the bandages

thank you! XD *bows*

How long did it take...?????

The first day sketch

The second day would enhance the drawing and give color

so the whole two days straight without eating and sleeping :P just kidding

WOW you are amazing <3

I love you now :)

thank you! i love you too! XD

Standing ovation

i mean they are like the real deal

thank you! *bows*

Sato! \o/

Great job! I like it! ^^

thank you misaki-chan! XD


thank youuuuuu! XD

crap how long

it amazing


and another question where conan

whole two days straight without eating or sleeping :P just kidding

and i still work on it. ^^

Did you draw all of them, jovan chan?

It looks just like the original. :o

+1 rep.

thank you LIA-chan! yeah i drawed all of them without eating or sleeping :P of course not! I could die

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