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Lupin of the Heisei Era

Lupin art thread

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Amazing job!!! You are much better than I am! 1 rep

thank you so much!! *bows*

OH. MY. GOD. That is AMAZING, J-chan~!!! xDDDDD

LOL Ai-chan you just basically said every single thing that needed to be said~! I'm sure J-chan appreciates your comments. x)

+1!!!! xDDDD

thank you so much eight-chan!! *bows* and yes i appreciated that! ^^

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^^ You're welcome~!! x)






THANK YOU SO MUCH KKLT-san!!!!!!!!!!!! *bows*

but really? i dont think so.. :mellow:

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you're welcome JOVAN! YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME!!! *high fives*

haha~ *high fives*

Whoaaaaa, your very good in drawing.

I hope you can teach me :grin: .

hehe yeah i hope so^^

wow these are so good!

thank you! *bows*

Nice job!! My favorite one is Gin's pic. Everything about it is so precise. +1 rep :D

thank you!! *bows*


5reps from me

uwaaaaa thank you so much! *bows*

amazing just a quick Q

wat do u use

like wat kind of pen

thank you! oh i will post it!

Amazing as ever, jovan!

thank you lock!!! *bows*

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Step by step?

ex. first draw a circle then blahblah

oh ok.

usually the first step that I did was the eyes. followed with nose and mouth.

after that, I form the face. the face, I never make circle first or something. I immediately formed the face. hehe

I continue to make the bangs. followed with the hair.

after that I make the ears.

then after everything is finished, I continue the rest.

of the whole draw, it's still a sketch. I mean still in fine lines that are easy to remove.

and lastly, after you thought the draw was finished as a whole, you just got to make bold lines and color it.

I hope it helps.^^

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