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  1. Haha, yup, it was her who showed you. But are you sure now that I am her ? Ah, hi ketchup ^^
  2. My husband ^.^ -.-""" I wonder where she is now :/ Yup yup, the fairest ketchup ^^
  3. Ok Watch it and read Plato stuff like me
  4. I know Mika and have like about 3 songs of him I know Ariana through him before she is famous like now as well ^^ And my favorite song of him is Grace Kelly
  5. Kill that one first. What would you do if the one who is about to kill you is your bff?
  6. Then I don't need to communicate or socialize with anyone You are trapped in a dark room with no exit.
  7. I don't know how to count Teach me how to count
  8. That's... a good title I guess xD DCW's satan
  9. Oi oi, this acc is even older than yours, how dare you say that I'm a newbie, stupid ketchup >.<??? No, I'm not
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