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  1. Apparently I joined DCW five years ago??? Damn does time fly

  2. Hey happy birthday! Hope it's a happy one! <3 *hugs*

  3. Hey, happy birthday :D Hope it's a good one *hugs*

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      tengaku squared

      Thanks! :D

      Now I'm one year closer to my death :x

  4. Continuation #3

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      Metantei Kiddo

      Yeah. I always thought it was gotta do with style too.

    3. Misaki-chan


      I mean it's all animation, but western animation and eastern animation has very different feels to it

    4. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      Yup. Ofc. We always think about who made it and stuffs.

  5. Happy birthday! <3 *hugs*

  6. Oh my gosh, I love my present! Thank you so much Astraculpa! *lots of hugs* And this was fun, can't wait for next year's event~
  7. We could, especially since Takagi is such a great character
  8. Lol wooooo Takagi folk for life \o/
  9. Yeah, I know (at least in terms of female characters).
  10. Well then IDK because honestly I don't think any of the females characters really fit my personality so *shrugs* @MK, oh shush you
  11. In terms of DC characters? Um, Takagi I guess? (or did you mean in more general terms or what because that is a very broad question to be asking)
  12. I'm here, just didn't see the posts till now since I was reading through the older posts first. (totally forgot this existed until you all bumped it up =X)
  13. Hey everyone! You all should totally join the Secret Santa event being hosted. It'll be fun~ http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/5353-secret-santa-2014/

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      shhh don't say that secret santa is super fun and the lack of people joining makes me sad :<

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      You should ask the people around here one by one then xD

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      *Jumping up and down with excitement*

      ... Needs more people O-O

  14. Oooo secret santa, you know I'm all for that (btw if you need a backup gifter I can do it). WISHLIST: -SatouxTakagi -Sarah Manning (Orphan Black) -Diana and/or Vesta (Animal Crossing)
  15. Hey, happy birthday Aeyra!

  16. So now that the IRL round is over, are you going to reveal what was up with the characters or are you going to not reveal and tuck them away to use again in a later round/because we didn't finish the round

    1. tengaku squared

      tengaku squared

      i have been thinking about that, since i did say that i wouldn't be using these characters and this continuity anymore.

  17. "So-" Suddenly, a phone rang out, cutting off the person's words. From the tune, Misaki could tell it was her that was receiving the call. "Excuse me," she said as she exited the room and answered. "Hello?" she said, switching to english after noticing it was Azura who was calling. "Misaki-san," Azura said, her voice wavering. "Sorry to interrupt, but something's happened. I'm heading to the police station now." "You are? Well, I will ask for a police officer to bring you to us since the rest of us are going to be interviewed soon." "Okay. Thanks." After a quick good bye, she hung up and reentered the darkened room. "One of our group members is coming to join us; The girl overslept and just got up," Misaki said to the detectives. "Could you send a police officer to wait for her and bring her to us?" "That shouldn't be a problem. I'll go find someone and meet up later. I need some coffee anyway before I interview you guys," Detective Yamashita replied. "Meet you there Endo-kun?" "Yeah, sure," he said. "Come on everyone, let's go. We do need to interview you." They left the room, with Detective Yamashita taking a left as the rest took a right. The singer noticed a bathroom as they walked towards the more comfortable rooms for interviewing witnesses. "Excuse me," she said to the male detective quietly, "may I go to the bathroom before we start? I'm going to be interviewing with Detective Yamashita anyway so it shouldn't keep you from interviewing one of the others." "Sure, do you know where it is?" he replied. "I saw it as we passed by it. I'll try not to be too long." "You do that. And here," he said, tearing out a piece of paper from his notebook after scribbling something on it. "The room number we'll be in. If you get lost, you can ask one of the officers here to show you where it is." "Thank you! I will be back soon," she smiled before taking off. She walked past the bathrooms and headed back to the interrogation room. While the reckless behavior was out of character for her, there was a part of her that just wanted to know why and knew the only way to get a real answer was through asking the man himself. There's also that lingering darkness I keep feeling... It doesn't seem like this ordeal is quite over yet... As she stopped in front of the room, she then remembered that there was a bit of a problem. She had no way to get into the room without a key. Ah, what am I going to do...? Without a key, I can't get in... "Need a little help?" Misaki turned at the sound of a familiar voice and stared as she said, "What are you doing here?" (yay for NPC help~)
  18. "It is..." someone finished. It was the KID impostor, walking by with his hands handcuffed and his head down. He was accompanied by Shell, who gave them a brief nod before escorting the man through a door. "Hey, do you know who that police officer is that's escorting the KID impostor?" Misaki asked the detectives. "Oh, you mean the one with Roberts? No, I don't. He must be a newbie," Detective Yamashita replied. "Why do you ask?" "Just wondering... I just thought I saw him yesterday but looking closer, I think I'm wrong," the singer said. "Um, I don't know if this is allowed, but do you mind letting us see Roberts-san? To give a sense of closure to all that's happened." "... Well, I don't see why a quick peek would hurt," Detective Endo replied. "But don't tell anyone! We could get in trouble if you do." "OK!" the group of three said in unison as they followed the detectives to the interrogation room where Roberts was being held. "Where are we going?" Mari whispered quietly as they down the hallway. "Where the KID impersonator is being held," Misaki replied. There he sat alone, looking miserable in the harshly lit room. In the viewing room where they were, it was darker, but only a little. They watched silently for a minute before someone spoke.
  19. "It was...it was the Judge Doom who framed Roger Rabbit..." Aster said, looking nauseous. "Huh?" Misaki replied. "The sane one...I mean Misaki-bocchan, tell the coat that I have a license..." he continued. "Wait, do you need a translator too?" the singer asked. "And I am sure Detective Endo can understand you. He does speak english after all, as stated." "You can explain further about that license when we talk," Endo added. "And where is Azura?" Misaki mumbled, looking around. As if on cue, her phone buzzed to signal an incoming text. Flipping open her phone, she saw it was a message from Azura, saying that she couldn't come to the police station and that she would meet up with them later. Well that's weird. They just want to know what we saw, that's all. It's not like they can arrest us since we didn't really break any laws. Though I should remember to call my lawyer if things get dicey... "Well how about this? I go with Detective Yamashita and one of you go with Detective Endo. The other can wait here for us until it is their turn," Misaki said. Before either could reply, she saw a fleeting face, one that looked rather familiar. "Wait, is that...?" (it should probably be Roberts so we can eventually lead the story towards questioning him but i don't care if you make it someone else)
  20. "It was fine," Mari replied. The others gave similar answers. "I am glad to hear that," Misaki smiled. "Mine was fine as well." The group talked for a bit, jumping from topic to topic. Eventually, the singer said, "Ah, by the way, we do need to go down to the police station to give our stories. I would rather we not do it tonight, so maybe we could go in tomorrow if everyone is well enough to go?" "Yeah, that works," someone said. Suddenly, Misaki felt her phone buzz in her pocket. One phone conversation later, she turned to the group and explained, "It was the police station. I scheduled us for 1 PM. They will interview us at the same time. I made sure to request a translator for Mari too." "Cool, that means we have time to get some breakfast before we go." "We should probably get to bed guys; that way we can get out of here early." "Good idea. Do you think anyone will mind if we sleep in here?" "I don't see why not." They quickly found some blankets and pillows to use by asking a nurse for some. As Misaki snuggled into her blanket, she slowly let sleep take her. The next morning, they woke up and got to work at getting Aster his papers for his release. By the time they had everything sorted out, it was already ten am. "Ugh..." the singer said, massaging her neck as they walked out of the hospital. "My neck hurts from sleeping in such a weird position..." After a nice breakfast at a nearby cafe, the group headed down to the police station. Once there, they were greeted by two detectives, one male and one female. "Are you Mimori-san and her group?" the female one asked. "Mmm, we are. I'm Mimori Misaki." "Nice to meet you," the female replied. "I'm Detective Yamashita and my partner here is Detective Endo." "So how long can we expect to be here?" Misaki asked. "Well, we're a bit short staffed at the moment, what with everything that happened yesterday, so we can only go two at a time. But I doubt it will take more than an hour or two." "Ah, do you have the translator I asked for my friend here? She doesn't understand Japanese. Only English." "Don't worry," Detective Endo replied, "I speak english well. So who's going first?" The singer turned to her friends. "Does anyone want to go first? I can if no one else does."
  21. The sound of gravel crunching caused Misaki to turn around to see who was behind them. She stared in shock as she saw the KID impersonator, pointing his gun at the group. His once perfect mask now had a crack, a fact that she noticed as he tilted his head to the side. It felt questioning, though without a face to show an expression, it was hard to tell. All the singer could hear was her heartbeat as the group and KID stared, not moving. Slowly, the KID imposter proceeded to raise one of his hands to tap his head, his sternum, then his shoulders one at a time. A cross? He then put the hand he had just used to make a cross on his body around the gun, readying himself to shoot. This is the end. No getting out of this. She closed her eyes tightly, not wanting the last sight she saw be the splattering of blood of the people she had gone through so much with the past few days. It was only when there was no sound of gunfire, but instead a clack did she open her eyes. She stared in shock once more as she took in this sight. The mask had fallen off. It revealed the face of a middle aged man, who looked so... tired. He fell to his knees, the gun clattering at his side as rain began to fall. The rest had happened in a blur, the disbelief that the crazy adventure she had been dragged into was over. One minute she was standing, the next on her knees as her legs gave out from exhaustion. The police came soon after, taking away the man who seemed so small compared to his alter ego in handcuffs. Some officers helped her and the others get into the nearby ambulances, getting them to a nearby hospital to get them checked out. Misaki was found to be fine, and as a result was approached by the police first to answer questions once she had been discharged. "What can you tell us about what happened?" one of them asked. The singer paused for a second before replying, "... It's a long story and I've had a long day. I should also be with my friends. I'll just come to the station in a day or two." Before the officer could reply, she pulled out a business card from her wallet and handed it to them. "Here's my card. Call me later to set up the time of interview." Without another word, she turned around and headed towards Aster's room. While it was probably rude to leave an officer like that, she was just so tired and needed to take time to digest what had just happened. It ended just as suddenly as it began. But... It doesn't feel over yet. It still feels... dark. Like, something still isn't right. I'll talk to the others and see if they feel it to. As she made it to Aster's room, she saw everyone was up and talking. "How are you all feeling?" she asked as she grabbed a seat. "Was everything ok in your checkup?"
  22. "Where's KID?!" Mari yelled over the chaos, looking around for criminal that was no longer present. "I'm pretty sure that he/she couldn't have gone far," Azura answered between her pants and coughs. "I'm quite positive that the impersonator's nearby. It's highly improbable that KID escaped the crash and explosion. Even if he/she jumped off before the collision, he/she wouldn't have gotten away without a scratch considering the train's velocity at that moment." The girl then eased herself up before wiping some dust off her jeans. "However, it's also possible that KID has an accomplice. We need to find the impersonator quickly before he/she gets away. Though I highly doubt that." "Good idea," Misaki replied, following Azura's lead by taking out her own handkerchief and covering her mouth. "So who wants to go and look for the phantom thief? The remaining one has to stay and guard our blacked out friend here...oh nevermind. I guess he's awake now?" The singer turned towards Aster, whose eyes were fluttering open. "Are you ok?" she asked, checking over him for injuries. "We should get you to a hospital, you probably need to get checked out. Can you stand? Do you need help getting up?"
  23. "How do we stop a train? Well we ask it nicely. I see it happen all the time," Aster said. "Where the hell does that happen?"Misaki heard someone asked. "My friend Dora says so. You know, the explorer." ... Huh? I am so confused right now. "Anyway, the first idea is to run into walls. The second one is to run after the train and think of the third idea." "Misaki's right. Of course we can't just jump on the train. That would be insane," Azura said, gently kicking a pebble a few inches away. "We need to slow the train down, then. Or better, completely stop it from moving. The question is, how? And please, I don't want to say vé mas despacio to the train." "Hmmm, your train of thought is correct," the boy replied as he took out a piece of string with a hook out of his many pockets. He looked at the string before showing a displeased face. "I don't suppose anyone has any rope? Unless we want to slice our hands and perhaps someone's neck with the string? We can hook it to the train and take a ride- I mean climb after the KID Impersonator!" Tossing the hook in Azura's hand, Aster took off running after the train. "What are you doing?!" Misaki shouted as she watched him jump into an abandoned car. "We need to think this through more!" "You're crazy!" Azura yelled out as she followed Aster. "You too?" the singer said. "God, I'm not going to run after a train, especially one going that fast. Aster always seems to have a crazy plan that works, so I'm going to assume he can pull it off again." But while she wasn't going to go run after a train, it didn't mean she wasn't going to run after the others. Knowing Aster, someone was going to get hurt and at the very least she could try and stay nearby so she could help in the aftermath. Misaki took off, trying her best to not trip over the debris that covered the area. Eventually she slowed to a stop as the car and the train left her in the dust and she ran out of breath. "Where... Is a... good way... to catch up...?" she panted, wiping some sweat off her face. It was then she saw a taxi, with a man climbing out. "Ah, wait!" she yelled as she ran over to the man. "You're the taxi driver, right?" "Yeah, doesn't mean I'm gonna drive you! Have you seen that rampaging train?!" he replied. "I'll pay you 5000 yen if you get me close to the train. Just, fifty feet behind it." "Are you insane?!" "10000 yen." "... The things I do for money," the girl heard him mutter. "Get your ass in the car missy, before I change my mind." "Thank you!" she said, climbing in. Misaki barely had time to buckle herself in when the taxi sped off, chasing Aster and the train. Thankfully, the taxi driver knew how to drive fast and soon they were able to see the end of the train. "Almost there..." she said to herself when she noticed that, in all the smoke, Aster was ramming into the train with his car. "What the...?!" "What is that person doing?!" the taxi driver said, just as shocked as the singer. She watched as he rammed into it again, causing the train to go off balance and teeter back and forth between falling to its side and righting itself. One last push and the train fell over, skidding on the road like fingernails on a chalkboard. The taxi screeched to a stop as well, stopping 100 yards from the train. Misaki jumped out of the car, trying her best to see what was happening in all the smoke but couldn't see a thing. As the smoke cleared up a bit, she saw Azura heading towards Aster, who was crumbled on the ground. "Aster! Azura!" she yelled, trying to get their attention to see if they were alright. But neither replied as the girl hauled the limp boy towards a large piece of debris. "What...?" she said, taking a closer look at the wreckage. "Crap! The car!" The singer had forgotten that the car was likely badly damaged in the crash and could be leaking gas. She jumped back into the taxi as she said frantically, "Drive away! Hurry! The car, it might-" Aster's car exploded, metal and glass flying everywhere. She shielded her face, but when nothing came she slowly opened her eyes again. There was fire and car bits everywhere, but not near the taxi. We must have been out of range. "Oh, I have to check on Azura and Aster!" she said, quickly exiting the taxi again. "Hey, what about my money?!" the taxi driver asked, angry. "Oh here," she replied, throwing the bills haphazardly as she starting running over to where the other two had hidden. "Hey, hey! Are you two ok?" she yelled, coughing as some smoke got into her throat. "Come on, we should go."
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