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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D Have an AWESOME one and enjoy it!! Come online some time!!

  2. kate-chan_49

    informations about M15

    @Glass Heart: you obviously didn't get akai's point here.... he meant by the SUBBED release... lol... i gues you won't be able to understand it even if you watch it japan...
  3. kate-chan_49

    informations about M15

    I thought it's Quarter of Silence....
  4. hey and welcome do Detective Conan World:)

    its nice to have u as a new Conan-lover :)

    feel free to ask anything ..and if u need help im ready at anytime

    enjoy ur day

  5. kate-chan_49

    my DC arts

    yup they're drawn as is... lol..
  6. kate-chan_49

    my DC arts

    thanks everyone... i made 3 drawings for a contest in DCTP forums... and i got third place... here are my entries... they're resized... Conan, Kid, & Ai Gin and Conan and other characters Ai and Conan and others
  7. kate-chan_49

    boys vs girl round 1

    22 (my gosh!!! what happened when i'm gone??)
  8. kate-chan_49

    Where is Everyone From?

    I'm proud to say that I'm from Philippines!!! The Pearl of the Orient Sea!!!