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  1. Happy Birthday!! :D Have an AWESOME one and enjoy it!! Come online some time!!

  2. @Glass Heart: you obviously didn't get akai's point here.... he meant by the SUBBED release... lol... i gues you won't be able to understand it even if you watch it japan...
  3. hey and welcome do Detective Conan World:)

    its nice to have u as a new Conan-lover :)

    feel free to ask anything ..and if u need help im ready at anytime

    enjoy ur day

  4. yup they're drawn as is... lol..
  5. thanks everyone... i made 3 drawings for a contest in DCTP forums... and i got third place... here are my entries... they're resized... Conan, Kid, & Ai Gin and Conan and other characters Ai and Conan and others
  6. 22 (my gosh!!! what happened when i'm gone??)
  7. I'm proud to say that I'm from Philippines!!! The Pearl of the Orient Sea!!!
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