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  1. Back when I first started the series (around 7 years ago) I loved ShinRan. It wasn't that they were perfect together, but I thought that they really cared for each other (yes, I can obviously see that they still do). When Haibara was introduced to the equation I didn't even consider the fact that they might ever have a thing together. I was entranced with her character, but it looked like they were going to have a rocky relationship - possibly filled with anger. Then that didn't happen. They slowly became friends and in some cases dependent on one another. Yes, they bicker occasionally (way less frequently than what Ran and Shinichi did - and I'm just talking about when they were both still regular teenagers), but they are still able to understand each other and talk about things that interest them without the other telling them to shut up about it. In a couple flashbacks and phone calls we see that Ran has gotten annoyed with Shinichi for just talking about Sherlock Holmes. While yes he may talk about it a lot, it can actually be very hurtful to tell someone that something they love is annoying to hear about. Imagine someone doing that to you - saying that you talking about your favorite thing is annoying. Next time you find yourself about to say something about it - to anyone - you falter, and then you stop yourself, because you remember that someone called it annoying, and that's really hard to come back from. So yeah, I know this entire paragraph kinda jumps all over the place, but I guess I just think that Shinichi and Ran would be a couple that would be based around 'love' but when that fades they'd fall apart, not trying to fix it - whereas Shinichi and Shiho would most likely be more mature about it and more likely to talk things out and try to get things back where they were. (Sorry for this long block of text - if it's confusing let me know and i'll try to clarify what I mean)
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    Conan x Ai

    Gotcha! Thanks Okay I don't quite know what I want to say about the relationship yet, but eventually something will hit me Also, both of you are awesome for responding, so thank you <3
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    Conan x Ai

    Okay, So I'm trying to get into this thread but I'm a little confused as to what's happening at the moment. So are we talking about Shiho and Shinichi's relationship after the BO is wrecked or are we just talking about her life in general afterwards? (I tried reading through all the comments on the last page but I'm still a little confused ) Can anyone possibly sum it up for me? ^^; Thanks <3
  4. Working on a fic that I might post if I ever actually finish it... and manage to get into my old acct :P

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