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  1. I went to a preview screening of Private Eye in the Distant Sea.It's sooo GREAT! It's my best Conan movie!! XD

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    2. chiro
    3. nis-aihara


      and its coming tomorrow.

    4. chiro


      yeah, today's exposed! :D M17 is wonderful!

  2. Agreed! I love the episodes too! Most of my favorite episodes are early works. Especially, I love these episodes; File50; Library Murder Case File136-137; The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case File12; Ayumi-chan's Kidnapping Case File34-35; Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case File118; The Naniwa Serial Murder Case And ' File403-404; The Mysterious Angel's Mansion ' is the best of Anime Original episodes, I think!
  3. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!! And fellas, thx for the birthday's comment for me on Apr & sorry for no reply! Dx

  4. happy birthday

  5. Happy Birthday chiro! May you enjoy your birthday!

  6. The pic is in DC 312-313; Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun!! I love the Haibara.... You're great!
  7. I also love Pokemon games!! Of course, I've Black & White. Wi-Fi battle attracts me to the games!!!! In Japan, most of people playing the games are not children but adults. It never be games for children! There's a lot to the games...
  8. Just got Feebas!! yeah!!!

    1. Akazora


      Congrats! Ah ha, dang, that brings back memories... Good times, good times...

    2. chiro


      hehe. Thanks!!

    3. chiro


      hehe. Thanks!!

  9. I've read DC File 793 in Shonen Sunday (released today). A new DETECTIVE appeared & his name is Toru Amuro. Who is he?? Is he Bourbon?? Hmmm.. When will BO episodes ever begin??

  10. chiro

    my sweetie, sherry

    sometime, I'll buy it!!!!!! yes, I used only a mouse. I don't have a pen tablet. anyway, thank you!
  11. chiro

    my sweetie, sherry

    yeah... i'm dying for a pen tablet....... :o anyway, thank you, Sakuno~~~!!
  12. chiro

    my sweetie, sherry

    AJ M. & Patronus Charm, thank you~~~!! :rolleyes: kekeke. no, my hand is okey. but my arm is a little tired
  13. chiro

    my sweetie, sherry

    Yup. So my right arm is likely to go into convulsions..
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