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  1. Well, he does shoot a gun in the bus case (manga version only). Why they changed that when they showed Haibara shooting a gun 100 episodes earlier is beyond me.
  2. Kyuu mentioned it, they didn't expect the anime to be so popular. At first it was probably supposed to last a season or two with only a bunch of episodic cases.
  3. That's not a good release date. Titanic 3D will be coming out a few days before and it will probably crush all the other movies on its path...
  4. I agree. And I hope it happens like that because it isn't Ai's genre to just go and meet with 3 people which she probably doesn't yet trust.
  5. Apparently, they'll air some form of teaser trailer next friday after the rebroadcast of the 13th movie. However I don't know if it will just be another very short trailer or the first actual trailer which usually lasts around 45-50 seconds.
  6. I've seen the manga version of the 3rd movie in french, it's quite nice in fact.
  7. Apparently Gosho stated that both orgs are different, and the MK anime seems to be going in that direction.
  8. I pretty much agree with CC. It would take 1 minute to answer : 'We subbed movie 15 which is the equivalent of 6-8 episodes and Magic Kaito episode 5 which aired after episode 634 so please be patient.' and it's much more effective. People are certainly impatient, among other things, but they're usually mostly curious and a simple status update or piece of information almost always does the trick. Of course, it a different matter when facing an obvious troll attempt, but that didn't seem to be the case here.
  9. That's it. I couldn't remember what car it was exactly. Also, you have all the cars of the 2 part filler (197-198).
  10. Don't forget Yukiko's cars. She drives this grey car in NY and that red car that looks like Sato's in episodes 335-336. You could also add her bike in episode 96, but that might be hard to specify.
  11. With the usual spoilers, you can expect all the information to be leaked around the same time next week.
  12. Movie 16's title, poster and release date will be revelead in the 52th issue of SS published on the 22nd of November : http://img22.imagehaven.net/img/thumbs/N1TGFHK4OS_0.JPG
  13. He isn't. Being in a child's body forces him to put his HUGE ego away.
  14. Conan, mostly because Shinichi is an arrogant and obnoxious jerk.
  15. 'Fillerless' DC would be horrible, especially since, IMO, the plot is rather average nowadays.
  16. To be fair, you'd have to rank it with the other long running anie only since obviously the short anime will usually have better animation, better pacing, themes more adapted to the adult viewers' interests etc.
  17. He's probably thinking about Kogoro.
  18. I checked the DCTP movie 15 thread from last year, and the poster by Gosho (+ the title) was released on the 26th of november (I was a bit too excessive when I mentioned early december, that's when the first short trailer comes out). Anyhow, that's in less then 4 weeks, and until the 25th of november at least, I suggest not trusting anything. And it will take 2 seconds to prove this rumor wrong, all one has to do is to check the website for DC movies : http://www.conan-movie.jp/index.html What do you see ? It's still Quarter of Silence.
  19. That's exactly what they're supposed to be ! That's how we'll get movies that respect the spirit of the series, not some James Bond like crap.
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