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  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. ZaydenRei

    Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi?

    The last comic indicates she already knows, the last episode show she suspects. If it were real life, I think it's be alot more people who suspected and/or knew
  3. ZaydenRei

    Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi?

    Ran vs Ai-chan.. what percentage do you think SHin-chan has to pick each and why ? personally I think Ai-chan was introduced originally to get more info on the drug that shrank shin and it's creator. The love thing wasn't introduced til later . As far as who kudo ends up with: I'm more for Ran than Ai-chan, just because Ran has had to put up with him more. Although, if Ran found out about what happened to Kudo: I would understand him not being returned to a teen as long as Ai-chan got him. Speaking of Ai-chan: which of the other detective boys do you think will get her? who will ayumi get?
  4. Hey!! :D WELCOME TO DCW!! Have an AWESOME time and enjoy your stay... OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!

  5. ZaydenRei

    Akai Shuuichi's Death Theory!

  6. ZaydenRei

    Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi?

    true that would be sad IF that happened... but Ai chan would have her man... eventually.
  7. ZaydenRei

    Kaito's fear of fish

    i just got finished watching the "Ordinary citizen bombing" episode .. Mouri started talking almost as soon as conan finished impersonating his voice.. when did he wake up ? was he like Henjji and listening while pretending to sleep ? yeah having two teenage detectives that share identity info fully with conan would be like adding too much sause to the rice. Movie 15 is out !!
  8. ZaydenRei

    Kaito's fear of fish

    the EOA "Trap Island": kids gets "fished" down and his handglider is destroyed by trees Ayumi and the the 2 other boy detectives mistake him for Kudo Shin and I believe movie 8 he impersonates Kudo @ the theater and yes Aoko would probly, almost certainly know by seeing Kid react to fish that he is kaito. still... I don't thing Kudo would turn in Kaito if they knew what they are who/do what they do.
  9. ZaydenRei

    Kaito's fear of fish

    True, but Kaito was just "loosely" inpersonating Kudo, to keep the kids safe and so they wouldn't know what he looked like without his hat and monicle. it's easier to be brought out of charachter the less one plays into it.
  10. ZaydenRei

    Kaito's fear of fish

    i just thought of something.. what if they already told conan about "shin" being afraid of fish? what would he do if he found out kid's identity? Kid knows his right ? I do realize that it would change the "chase" a bit if conan knew kids identity.. BUT if they each knew the reason: why shin is now 7 and why kaito became the kid. wouldn't that knowledge help them in understanding each other ? So many ways to add to the story.. btw: so the reason Kid is stealing gems is to find the gem that glows red by full moon and grants imortality? (I didn't hear anything about that in the TV series, tho i do know he's looking for the people who supposedly killed his dad)
  11. ZaydenRei

    Kaito's fear of fish

    ...Conan found out about his "issue" with fish LMAO.. better than a soccer ball and it gives new meaning to flying fish lol, and it'd also makes it easier for conan to tell if kid is in disguise ..the other detective boys (cept ai-chan) could tell him about what "Kudo" said on Trap Island @ the picnic by the river.
  12. ZaydenRei

    What the???

    It looked like it was "bootlegg'd" in the theater, which is illegal here. Utube and another website I usualy go to had a big number of the back episodes removed for infringements, but they were on there for over a year. Oh well I guess jumping to conclusion is over the cliff sometimes
  13. ZaydenRei

    detective Chiba and officer Naeko

    yeah but sometimes more characters means the more plot possiblities .. a longer show.
  14. ZaydenRei

    What the???

    It's getting harder to find back episodes of DC in english (sub). I bet it has something to do with movie 15 leaking onto the net >(... Dang it
  15. ZaydenRei

    Ran finding out Conan is Shinichi?

    could you imagine the 2-3 hour episode IF they WERE going to cancel the show ? there's always a let down somewhere when they close the "story" too early. *sigh* the episodes can't come fast enough for me, keep'm coming