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  1. ^ Great pick. Episode 137 is also the most watched Conan episode in the show's almost 20 year history with a rating of 23.4%.
  2. Here is the demographic breakdown for movie 18's first weekend if you're interested : 21-29 (31.2%) 16-19 (22.8%) 40-59 (16.2%) 64% female, 36% male. Movie 17 : And movie 16 : 6~12歳 13.0% 13~15歳 12.6% 16~19歳 26.3% 20~29歳 25.6% 30~39歳 8.1% 40~59歳 13.7% 62% women, 38% men.
  3. Perhaps have you not yet noticed that it already is a 'loooooooooooooong story'.
  4. Frankly, both Ran and Ai are pretty overrated. I used to like both of them and they were rather interesting characters 10 years ago but now not so much. Ran never seems to take any initiative where as in the older episodes she actually did things of her own (be it brake the windows of cars to catch a culprit or tell a culprit that what they've done wasn't justice etc), as for Ai she's had to settle for the 4th Detective Boy role and all she does now is some co-babysitting with Conan whom she teases once in a while.
  5. IMO : 18 : Kid 19 : No guests. 20 : BO
  6. 18 won't end up Lupin vs Conan. That one will be a special movie which will not be counted in the same list as the others, hence why next year's april movie will be movie 18 and not 19.
  7. Same thing every year, you'd think people would be aware by now. Available in october when the DVD comes out in Japan. Until then, you might get cam-rips if the film is released in other asian countries, but even that's not sure.
  8. "Note to self : stay away from the psycho with the dead-mommy laptop.'
  9. That's because the corresponding manga files with the content of the NY case of volume 35 were published in Shonen Sunday a few months before the WTC Towers were destroyed (probably in the summer of 2001 based on volume 35's release date). The files include the towers and the anime probably decided to remain faithful to that despite what happened in between. Kinda weird in a very ironic sense that such a drastic and changeing event took place between the publication of the manga files and the anime adaptation. Here, have a look :
  10. Even if they did air new episodes instead of remasters, it would be fillers. They are adapting a manga, they are not going to come out with episodes that 'progress the plotline' out of the blue.
  11. Doraemon's 34th movie will be coming out in march and there's no sign of it stopping any time soon. If Conan ends up going the Doraemon route, which IMO is likely, and if the movies continue to bring in as much cash then there's no reason why they wouldn't continue on and on and on and on with the movies.
  12. 669 and 670 aren't based on any manga files, they're anime originals.
  13. Oh they made a contribution all right, facts are there to prove it and I can't deny that. Whether the contribution was worth it qualitatively speaking (and to the extent which is mentioned today) is another question and in that department I'm tempted to say no. Boy bands can play instruments actually. Again, the question is whether they actually do it well or not. Regarding the Beatles, they set the standards in terms of marketing and in terms of target age group for what is done today. Autotune was first used in the mid 90s. Pop existed way before that. Similarly, synthesizer were first used in the 70s so they're not at the 'roots' of pop. And it has nothing to doing with being or not 'popular'. Pop-rock is a genre of rock which basically mixes pop and its light and somewhat sugary lyrics (usually about love) with instruments used by rock bands like guitars or bass guitars (and later synthesizers). And when you have those mediocre lyrics with average/decent musicians at best, you get a pop-rock boy band...
  14. The 60s, not the 50s. And they were closer to pop/pop-rock than rock (I like to call them the first boys band since that's pretty much what they were IMO). And you don't have to look decades later for better bands both in terms of voices and instruments : Led Zeppelin or the Rolling Stones also debuted in the 60s, for example.
  15. I don't hate them (in fact I don't hate bands or singers) but I think they are the most overrated band in the history of music : The Beatles. Most of their songs are lackluster and pretty forgettable with mediocre lyrics (just look at 'hello goodbye'...). Melodies are usually quite simplistic and they were average at best with their instruments compared to a lot of other bands. Not to mention their rather plain voices. Influential, surely. Great, far from that (I do love 'Imagine' though).
  16. Gosho isn't involved in the production of the openings and endings. He doesn't draw any of the frames like what he does for a few frames for the movies.
  17. DC is more popular among girls and women of all ages (from the teen to the 50 year old) compared to boys and men except in the children demographic where it's basically equally popular among boys and girls. When you look at the demographic breakdown of the anime, the majority of the viewers are women. Over 60% of the people who went to see movie 16 were girls/women. The manga is particularly popular among middle aged women (in their 40s).
  18. Oh god no. I hope Gosho spares us from such a louzy, unoriginal and overused device.
  19. If anyone here lives in Taiwan/South Korea/Singapore, here are the respective days of release of this movie : Taiwan : 6th of july (last friday) South Korea : 19th of july Singapore : 26th of july
  20. Awesome ! I look forward to hearing her voice and I hope the song will have some jazzy sonorities. I was getting sick of all the lame cheap jpop and jrock.
  21. The deduction will most likely continue in the next file. It was interrupted in this one. There's still the secret behind the fire to explain, the motive of the culprit as well as many other things some of you have mentioned.
  22. We only know her birthday is 'a way off' from Eri's which is on october 10th. source : http://www.dctp.ws/V68-Reader/V68-2Read/A3.html That confirms that the '2nd of october' info is wrong, false, incorrect etc.
  23. Yes. After Ai's introduction you can watch ALL the movies except movie 13 (which means movies 14 and 15 too).
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