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  1. To be consistent with current Wiki standards, it should be written as "Koji Haneda", so basically not the manga version nor the anime version. Still don't understand why it's left as "Kohji" on his character page when the double vowels in romaji spelling weren't kept for Shinichi or Yusaku Kudo, and many other characters, never mind adding an h. Only exception being the Mouris I believe.
  2. Just butting in to say that any knowledge I may have brought to the table was based on the french fan-translated version which is translated from japanese but is of course also prone to potential mistakes. This means I am in no way a reliable source to put forward in an argument when it comes to these issues, not nearly as reliable as Spimer, Serinox or Yunnie anyway.
  3. There was also the Moon, Star and Sun case which aired nearly 4 years after its manga publication. http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/The_Secret_of_the_Moon,_the_Star,_and_the_Sun
  4. That episode had Kogoro knowing about Conan imitating his voice. It never happened in the manga. That's quite a plot-hole.
  5. Saying it's not canon is not a judgment on the quality of the content. All AOs could be brilliant masterpieces, it still wouldn't make them canon or give them any weight in terms of what actually happens in the manga.
  6. The second parts in the three parter cases are generally the most boring.
  7. I like this sequel much more than the original case which was frankly quite boring. And the best is yet to come.
  8. I thought it was actually decent for a one part AO. I was just a bit annoyed by the foreigner being a caricature once again but then they all seemed to be somewhat.
  9. Last week was indeed a break. And the previous break was because of Golden Week.
  10. I remember someone here asking about M20's release date in...I think it was the Philippines. Anyway, it opens 07/07 in Singapore, 07/21 in Malaysia and 07/27 in Taiwan + Philippines.

    1. Jabi


      It was me! Will it be shown on cinemas?

    2. Wakarimashita


      Yes. However last year's movie only opened on 25 screens in the Philippines so you might want to check with your local theater.

  11. Isn't it because "cha" sounds like "tcha" in Japanese ? For example, "Shinichi" will actually sound like "Shinitchi". And since Charles in French isn't pronounced with the 'tcha" sound but with the "cha" sound (unlike in English), it makes more sense to use the "sha" hiragana to convey that specific pronounciation.
  12. You're right that it looks too liquid and not coagulant enough. And yes there was dark red blood here and there (http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/images/thumb/b/b1/EP172_Case.jpg/290px-EP172_Case.jpg) but black blood was already pretty common.
  13. It's been like that for ages. The above episode aired in July 1999.
  14. That blonde woman took like half a minute to walk 10 meters.
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