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  1. Speaking of fashion, I like that DC has protagonists that actually change clothes once in a while.
  2. Storyline/Plot: Kudos to Gosho for being able to come up with so many cases over the years. I do regret the lack of more 'Agatha Christie-like' cases in recent years. Plot starts well but becomes confusing and a a bit out of place for a detective series (FBI, CIA ? Seriously ?). 7.5/10 Animation/Art: 10/10 for the old art. 6/10 for the new art. So 8/10 overall. Sound: 10/10 for the old music. 5/10 for the new music. 7.5/10 overall. Character: Some criticize the lack of character developement, I don't really mind that. Interesting characters overall, although a bit cliché. Overused childhood relationships. 8/10 Originality: 9/10. Not many detective series out there. Overall: 8/10
  3. In Japanese time, the DC anime is now 16 years old.

  4. Looking forward to the huge case involving the Nagano police district !
  5. Hum, no. They appeared in the last Chiba case (files 790-792).
  6. 624 is somewhat similar to the Fusae case.
  7. In 2008, a law was voted in Japan that made the use of the seatbelt compulsory for the passangers sitting at the back. Obviously, the manga and anime followed that law by making the character who sit in the back wear their seatbelts (which they didn't necessarily do before).
  8. As for the change in animation, I always thought it took place with episode 284. Compare that episode to the previous one, and you'll notice the huge difference (especially in terms of the faces of the characters). However, some episodes after 284 do have a style closer to the pre-digital era so maybe they were made earlier or the change was progressive and not all the animation directions switched at the same time.
  9. Thanks for the podcast. Interesting discussion about the animation. My favorite animation director was always Atsushi Aono, too bad he left years ago.
  10. +1 Kyuu Average j-rock boys band = average song.
  11. Waiting impatiently for the new podcast !

  12. What if I want to pick Conan without Shinichi ?
  13. Wakarimashita


    If Gosho writes them, no, because it would mean less DC. If it's just a spin-off by another mangaka, I'm fine with that.
  14. 638 was a good first part for an AO. If the resolution is as good then it will probably be one of the best AO cases in recent years.
  15. Man : Yusaku because he's rich. Woman : Vermouth so I can kill people and still look cool (and she's probably rich too). I know, I know, I have a lot of precious moral values. :-D
  16. Movie 16 trailer with sound : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an-9XcpoRzQ. Official website updated : http://www.conan-movie.jp/index.html
  17. Detective Conan Movie 16 Short Trailer http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7SY44ODT Aired a few minutes ago on Japanese tv. Captured using Camstudio and Keyhole TV, therefore the quality is obviously bad and there isn't sound either.
  18. It wouldn't work. Besides, time-jumps usually end up being bad in terms of story telling.
  19. He doesn't claim that he will retire at 52, but that he would like to (and 53 is mentioned in the interview). And he seems to say that on a humerous tone since it's basically a joke with a reference to Agassa's age, therefore I wouldn't take it seriously.
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