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  1. Speaking of one-liners, in the Nocturne Case they kept Vermouth's one line in the conclusion episode so when they really have to open up the wallet even for a single line they do so.
  2. 810 was really an excellent episode. And not that much censorship compared to what I initially expected. Highlights included the first scene of the episode as well as the strangling scene, basically all the scenes involving murder. Just a bit annoyed that they took out a funny scene once again probably to save on voice-acting. By the way, is it me or has the quality of CR's subs declined ? I was sometimes bothered by their timing or the way they split the sentences, not to mention a few typos here and there as well as odd phrasing. @Heliotropic : It's not his eye that's shaded, it's the right glass of his glasses, both in the manga and in the anime. Perhaps will it look different when we see him without his glasses, if we ever do. For now I prefer that the anime stick closer to what the manga did, which is what they did here.
  3. Yeah, same. The main theme done by B'z's guitarist is what I'm most excited about with this.
  4. Kamaitachi is 4 chapters so 2 parts was the logical choice.
  5. Both are perfectly fine for kids. People in the west are too protective of their childen thinking they'll be traumatized for life by seeing just a small stain of blood. Nowadays with the internet and social media most kids have seen that by the time they're 7 or 8. We're hardly talking about rated -18 for violence movies here. At this level you can opt for the 'show and explain' philosophy.
  6. Because MK is not a long-running established franchise that has to be clean from every angle for the kids and their parents. It is sad when you know that DB, City Hunter or Fist of the North Star among others all aired during the evening in the 80s and 90s.
  7. Maybe they should at least be taken out of the 'per season' pages then ? Since they don't technically belong to the season and it's a bit odd having the same episode in two different seasons. Like : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Season_24
  8. Hello everyone, While I think any new piece of information can always be of use, I do have a few issues with the current format which I find lacks clarity and makes an already long episode list uselessly overly long with information that is likely not a priority for the average viewer. I think it would be better if the remasters were either given their own section on the anime page or a page of their own referenced in the 'See also' section, but since Max disagrees with me I'm asking the vox populi for their opinion. Thanks !
  9. Kawanakajima : Great. Blog : Meh. First met first love : Awful. Yoko and Higo's date : Standard but quite funny. Ramen Revisited : Average rehash saved a bit by Sato and Takagi Zombie Movie Murder Case : Pretty good. Girl Band : Meh. Department Store Stabbing : Not bad for a DB case. UFO case : Meh. Ranked from best to worst : Kawanakajima, Zombie Movie, Yoko and Higo's date, Department Store Stabbing, Ramen Revisited, Girl Band, UFO, Blog, [..............................] First met first love.
  10. 1 - Reunion with the BO 2 - The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case 3 - Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night 4 - Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out 5 - Contact with the Black Organization
  11. Because 'mare' also means 'female horse' so with that pun nightmare is also a 'female horse of the night'. That horse looks like a mix between Ponyta and Epona.
  12. Preview : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSMJL_EBW5U&t=0m22s
  13. They should switch settings around for the AOs. Nowadays it seems like apart from the Mystery Tours all AOs will take place in some boring urban setting we've seen a thousand times.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure about that. DC ratings have declined compared to the same period in 2014 and the MK series was huge promotion for M19 while M20 doesn't have anything comparable.
  15. Okiya being Akai was already revealed at the end of the Mystery Train case when he opens his eyes. Movie 18 was just a confirmation.
  16. I thought she made Genta and Eisuke tolerable in comparison.
  17. Hi everyone, I noticed that there are two different formats for the ratings of the episodes : X,Y0% or X,Y% For example : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/A_Crab_and_Whale_Kidnapping_Case (17.30%) http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/The_Man_Obstructed_by_the_Steel_Frame (10.5%) It's not a big deal but I think a standard format should be chosen for past and future episodes in the name of consistency and because it will just look better.
  18. I don't think the disguises mean much. Remember they had already disguised themselves in the Parade Bomber Case to deal with the bomb threat.
  19. The poll was done in early 2011. Maybe you'd get a different result today ? I don't follow HxX, has it changed for the worse ?
  20. Another poll not mentioned by Startold was done a few years ago asking the general japanese population which manga series they would most like to never see end. The results were then seperated by gender : Men : 1. KOCHI KAME 『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 25.3% 2. ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 20.2% 3. DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 16.0% 4. HUNTER x HUNTER 『HUNTER×HUNTER』 5.9% 5. HAJIME NO IPPO 『はじめの一歩』 5.1% Women : 1. DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 22.5% 2. ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 18.7% 3. KOCHI KAME  『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 16.2% 4. NANA 『NANA』 10.7% 5. KIMI NI TODOKE 『君に届け』 9.1% Sadly the site that did the poll closed and changed interface (http://cobs.jp/enquete/realranking/2011/01/22_1.html). Maybe you can find it on the new website, not sure though.
  21. The new beika street is : http://beikastreet.forumjap.com/
  22. Conan is very well known in Italy and Germany, still fairly remembered in France and Spain. I think that counts as 'the West' too. Just an interesting post on reddit I stumbled upon once : http://www.reddit.com/r/manga/comments/2x04yp/detective_conan_around_the_world/cow82s2
  23. Have you watched City Hunter before saying that ?
  24. Would have been even better with Akira Kamiya. *coughs*
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