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  1. Happy birthday, Taima-san. ^^

  2. Stopwatch

    DCW IRL General Info and FAQ

    If someone changes names in the middle of a game, then having a post mentioning it would be useful for everyone. After that, just using the new name should work. If you have the original name in earlier posts then outside of the first one (where you could strike through the original and have the new one placed after it) there shouldn't be much reason to change it. Unless you meant something different?
  3. Stopwatch

    Has Jodie 'regressed'?

    I'd take it more as her receiving the Idiot Ball in order to move along the plot.
  4. Stopwatch

    What type of Spinoff would you love to happen?

    Either Mouri or Nakamori dies and the spin-off is about how they deal with being a ghost and their reactions to finding out everything they've been missing. It could be hilarious or angsty, or better yet, both.
  5. Stopwatch

    Doctor Who

    But hey, we get more Sherlock this year, right? :x
  6. I'll try to organise my thoughts somewhat now.
  7. Finally back onto my account here \o/.

  8. Happy birthday Stop! \o/ *hugs*

    1. Stopwatch


      Thank you *hugs back*

      *not late at all*

  9. DCW's back up \o/... but wait, this means I've got to work on the SS again :| :x :P

  10. Stopwatch

    LGBTQA+ Community

    *agrees almost entirely with the last paragraph*
  11. Stopwatch

    The Lonely Hearts Club

    Hey~ o/ *goes back to lurking*
  12. Stopwatch

    A Bloody Comparison

    It's less the art style than intentional censorship imo. I didn't realise they'd censored those sorta scenes from so early back though, interesting~