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  1. Those server issues are really annoying. Thanks for the download link. File read. Good file, except for Sera's over the top behaviour which never ceases to annoy me.
  2. Maybe...But knowing that I think it's still better not to give too much importance to the side comments. ^^
  3. According to HADAA, the side comment is actually usually written by the editors (I wasn't aware of that and I think it's pretty interesting).
  4. http://www.worldofkj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=65263&start=300 I will be adding more info about the progression of the 16th movie in the box office in the upcoming weeks as they go by.
  5. Your friend is wrong. The next episode will air in 2017.
  6. Even if you knew japanese, you'd have to live in Japan to see it in april (in Taiwan to see it in july and in South Korea to see it in August).
  7. New special compilation (of soccer related cases) to celebrate the 16th movie : http://websunday.net/news/kousin/0404/conan_s.gif Buyers will also get a petit nendoroid figurine with Conan wearing a Big Osaka uniform : http://websunday.net/news/kousin/0404/conan_s_pin.gif
  8. The one with the train and the pen could be episode 337 : http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Hidden_Circumstances_of_the_Falling_Incident
  9. Not happening. And just so you know, those rumors already existed back in 2003 (when the files corresponding to volume 42/episode 345 came out) and look where we are now.
  10. His VA speaks english, but that doesn't automatically mean the character is fluent.
  11. Heiji's wiki page : Was that mentioned in the manga ? Or did that come from someone confusing VA and character ?
  12. Me neither. Such a lame scene though. It makes Haibara detestable.
  13. Boy. In Japan, DC is more successful among girls/women.
  14. New live-action special to air this spring with Heiji and Kazuha : http://forum.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=8021.0.

    1. MadelineLime



  15. File 808 Chinese (currently being uploaded) : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1417467322
  16. Wakarimashita

    Conan x Ai

    I liked the interactions between Haibara and Conan before they became idiotic and childish.
  17. If it's 140 or 152, then I could agree (although one could argue that she could be in the 'gifted/brilliant' category and not in the genius one, she's not Galileo or De Vinci). However, if it's 180, then I don't, it's a ridiculous number which seems totally out of proportions (a 140-180 range seems too wide as well). My point was not to say Shiho has an IQ of 110 as that would be an obvious underestimation (I would say the 130-145 range), but just to correct the fact that an IQ of 110 is 'barely above average' on a world-wide or americain level (I assumed you used one of these 2 scales in your first post). I wouldn't want our readers to believe they are average or just above average if ever they take an IQ test and get a result around 110.
  18. I agree with Kyuu. Not to mention it's about 10000000000[...]000000 times better than Caos Caos Caos.
  19. Not really. Between 20% and 30% of the population (estimations vary) has an IQ superior to 110 (the 145/150+ category represents barely 0.1%) , that's not what I call barely above average. Also, based on Richard Lynn's 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations', no country has an average IQ egal to 110, the highest is Hong-Kong with 107. Japan is indeed very well positioned with a 3rd place and an average of 105, but 5 points for an average are very significant. However, for a specific part of the population (such as college grads, doctors or other social or ethnic groupes), the average IQ can indeed be much higher than 110. I don't know why, but IQ values are always overestimated on the internet where it seems 90% of the population has an IQ above 130...It's probably because of all these stupid worthless tests that always end up saying : 'Wow, you're very bright, you have an IQ of 130/140/150.' source : http://sq.4mg.com/NationIQ.htm
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