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  1. Kogorou does notice he doesn't remember anything, I remember at the start of one case that he repeatedly played a case he actually solved and remembered because he was proud he managed it. That shows at least some awareness, right? Btw, people wondering why Haibara and Agasa don't team up to create an antidote, Agasa isn't the right type of scientist, he's more into the mechanical and engineering side of things, whereas Haibara not only worked on the APTX, but knows more about the medical and chemical side of things. Yuusaku has contacts and a lot of influence. Also, considering that he knew Kaitou Kid's identity and never did anything about it, his view on which crimes are acceptable probably means that he would use illegal means like faking passports to get Conan out of the country if necessary. The Kogorou always sitting down, that... isn't quite true, there have been some times when he's been lying down or in really awkward positions (like when he nearly fell off that balcony when he was tranq'd). However, it is for the most part, correct that he lands in a really convenient position when darted, I put it down to just a plot mechanism you're not supposed to question, one of the proper plot holes of the list...
  2. I think what Charala said was under the presumption that Amuro = Bourbon...
  3. I think that most likely part of the agreement between Bourbon and Vermouth is that Bourbon will protect Ran and Conan, or at least leave them out of his plans while feeding back to Vermouth what he finds and in return, Vermouth will help him disguise as Akai and with investigating leads on his death. For Bourbon, Vermouth is most likely his only chance to investigate Akai (he needs the boss's backing and no one else is interested/is close enough to Anokata to get him permission) so he'll have to accept the conditions behind it, though he would probably wonder on Vermouth's connection with Conan and Ran, he won't be able to do anything about it until he's finished looking into Akai's death. Perhaps Vermouth intends to make sure he doesn't talk after that by killing him, blackmailing him or otherwise putting him out of the picture later, though I can only really speculate at this point. With Vermouth, she knows the possibility of Conan being involved with the FBI after the incident with Jodie and the later appearance of Akai preventing Kogorou being sniped; because of this info, she wouldn't be as certain on Akai's death as the others, but can't give away her reasons why because that would bring too much attention to Conan. Also, Anokata has restricted her movements after what happened in episode 345. Therefore, she has to investigate in other ways and the only other person who seems to be suspicious of Akai's death is Bourbon, by offering to help him and getting the boss's backing, she can look into the incident without suspicion of her own motives and keep Conan and Ran safe in the process. A win-win situation on her behalf.
  4. Not much at the moment, though I'm doing some Christmas-sy stuff later, how about you? :)

  5. Merry Christmas everyone~! :)

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      Merry Christmas! :D

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      Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. I would think their confrontation would be Akai related, but... not sure yet.
  7. Okiya's not wearing a mask as proven when Ran kicked him in the face during the paper plane case, so the answer to that would be 'no'.
  8. This bit is from Chekhov's theory, but basically, if the FBI knew he survived, they would know if he had any scars and such, right? So, if 'Akai' appears with a burn scar, they're going to react with suspicion, giving Bourbon the reaction that would tell him that they know Akai is alive/helped fake Akai's death.
  9. But Conan is so used to people being dead he won't even bother to check Nah, that's possible, but if the man came up with this scenario in order to have a good excuse (self defense) then he's made a serious mistake letting her live when she can give the game away. Also, 802 on 4th of January? , great birthday present :x
  10. And? Knowing Conan's name backs up that she thought he was a lead, not that she researched Shinichi. Also, Sera isn't exactly... subtle, with how obvious she was about trying to find out more about Conan I think she'd ask more about Shinichi, in line with her previous behaviour when she wants to find out about someone, not act 'normal'. It's certainly possible she researched Shinichi I just find it a bit improbable
  11. I thought Conan was a lead to Akai for her, but she didn't originally know about Shinichi because she didn't even seem slightly curious about him at first. Then later she made the link that Conan and Shinichi are the same... but that's just my personal opinion, I sorta think that if she'd researched Shinichi beforehand she would have listened more when people mentioned him...
  12. @Kaoko: No, I don't think so, there's no other evidence to suggest that other than tiny possibilities they met when Shinichi was in America... @skyechan: Yeah, it was on off all day yesterday, it seems to be okay now though...
  13. This line is so hilarious, Conan's been hanging around way too many criminals if he's saying that
  14. It's Saturday... how is the Chinese out?! o.O Well, thanks Wakari for it EDIT:
  15. Okiya's car, just the front view for now, but I'll get some more images of it as soon as I can (the best ones are probably not out yet very spoilery) Also, another image of Sera's motorbike I'm not that knowledgeable about cars and stuff so I've no idea what Okiya's is, sorry... :/
  16. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say *terrible at explaining*, I personally think that that view is right, I was just trying to address the holes brought up by saying Sera is Bourbon...
  17. @those who were saying about the amount of advertising: Well, it is intended to be an advert
  18. I know no one who has their passwords hanging around so unless I knew the person was really forgetful I'd just presume they remembered it and try various password combinations. I think I'm the only one in my family who has actually memorised and uses a number-letter random sequence for some of my passwords. Though the point of reusing passwords is correct so I might try to see if they're auto-logged in on anything and try that. Though, I suppose it really does depend on the person overall, I doubt everyone's gonna go about things in the exact same way.
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