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  1. If someone changes names in the middle of a game, then having a post mentioning it would be useful for everyone. After that, just using the new name should work. If you have the original name in earlier posts then outside of the first one (where you could strike through the original and have the new one placed after it) there shouldn't be much reason to change it. Unless you meant something different?
  2. I'd take it more as her receiving the Idiot Ball in order to move along the plot.
  3. Either Mouri or Nakamori dies and the spin-off is about how they deal with being a ghost and their reactions to finding out everything they've been missing. It could be hilarious or angsty, or better yet, both.
  4. But hey, we get more Sherlock this year, right? :x
  5. Finally back onto my account here \o/.

  6. DCW's back up \o/... but wait, this means I've got to work on the SS again :| :x :P

  7. *agrees almost entirely with the last paragraph*
  8. It's less the art style than intentional censorship imo. I didn't realise they'd censored those sorta scenes from so early back though, interesting~
  9. Yeah... I agree with you. However, as you can probably tell from my last post I do sometimes slip into being annoyed at those who actively try to claim being gay is wrong so~ Y'know what this reminds me of? Some people who like to offend religious people because they all 'try to force religion upon others' which definitely isn't always the case. They take the attitude that if they've done it first it's fine to be 'offensive' back. It's different if people get hurt (physically or emotionally) as a result of homophobes actions of course, but with people who *aren't* doing any harm other than believing something different...? I would still like to change the minds of homophobic people, but I think that insulting them can be the wrong way about it. (The reason why I still like those buses despite this is the fact that this shows that people *are* trying to spread the message in such a big way. Oh, and an opposing group tried to put a message against gays on other buses in London copying the original signs (can't remember the exact phrase atm sorry) but they were stopped by Boris Johnson. Even if you're cynical and say he just did that for the popularity vote that means you have to admit it means that he thinks that the majority of people now think that homophobia is wrong. And I like that )
  10. No problem :). And I've posted it in the thread now.

  11. 'kay, here's a better wish list, but take it more as a suggestion than anything :xxx If it's DC-related then I guess Takagi or the Nagano lot and if not then Vocaloid, Higurashi/Umineko or Death Note related...? Also, maybe Hetalia? My favourite characters for that would have to be England or Germany...
  12. Meh, okay... erm, if it's DC-related then I guess Takagi or the Nagano lot and if not, Vocaloid, Higurashi/Umineko or Death Note related...? Ah, I'd better post this in the thread too :x

  13. Put me down for now , though I may have to pull out before the first deadline 'cause I've got mock exams in December for all subjects :|. Hmmm... I've no preferences at all x:. I hope this works out though, I really liked the DCTP one last year so~!
  14. Fireworks and later, loadsa fog <3. School being back tomorrow

  15. Reading through a load of Discworld books atm <3
  16. @Chel: Awesome link there Also, I posted this on DCTP, but it seems perfect for this thread so~ ^This sign has been put on buses all around the UK. These articles probably explain what they're about more clearly than I can :xxx http://www.stonewall.org.uk/at_school/education_for_all/quick_links/education_resources/4007.asp http://www.stonewall.org.uk/media/current_releases/7756.asp Also, this stuff is also interesting IMO, though YMMV on some of the stuff about whether orientation can be changed or not. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/12/anti-gay-adverts-boris-johnsonhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17693947 (The 'being intolerant of intolerance' line is... slightly weird if you think about it, but it was Boris Johnson who said it so~) These sorts of things give me hope things are moving in the right direction
  17. Stopwatch


    The honorfics stuff is down to how they do it. You may think it's not that good, others may think otherwise. I mean, personally I prefer them because they help show the relationships between the characters a lot better and on the (admittedly rare) occasions where Ran is in enough danger, Conan referring to her as just "Ran" instead of "Ran-neechan" really stands out. But in the end, what they choose to do about the honorfics, leaving them in or taking them out I wouldn't say is exactly affecting the quality of it. It's just more their personal preference imo...
  18. Stopwatch


    No problem . I was kinda worried you'd take what I said in a bad way so thanks to you too
  19. Stopwatch


    Yeah, with even all the music intact too. I like that Hmm... I guess I'll post my opinion on them all...
  20. Day Watch and Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked \o/
  21. /me finds thread Not sure when I'm going to join this, but I probably will at some point so~ Although, maybe having it more like... ...where you also link to a website like that could be useful. Just go onto timeanddate.com and look for the event time announcer, then choose the time you want. Should make it simpler for players in different timezones and won't take much more time on behalf of the mod of the round. Also, for godmodding, would a compromise where people can choose who they 'hand over' their character to? So, if they don't want to be godmodded, well... they won't be, and others can PM the mod to say who has control over their character. The mod can then announce in the thread who is allowed to. Not the best solution if no one decides to hand over their character, but it should work for those for and against godmodding hopefully (I feel like I'm just taking DCTP Mafia ideas and applying them to this :|. Sorry D: :xxx)
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