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  1. Hello, Happy Birthday from me too

  2. Thanks for the podcast, I definitely think it's one of the best ones :mrgreen:
  3. cool, thanks for friending me :)

  4. ...well I haven't yet seen all of them (the ones I have seen are movies 4,5,8,11,13 and 14) I've got to say though that out of all of those it was probably movie 11 and maybe also 13 that I disliked the most. Movie 11 in my opinion was too slow moving, at some points it almost seemed like an enlongened episode and the fact that Ran somehow forgot about her karate was just random plot induced stupidity. I'd say Movie 13 is the second worst because of the way the BO was used in it (not very well) and of course the suspenders scene, it's mystery genre not fantasy! At least movie 14 had shades of plot even if they didn't make much sense and were overshadowed by Kaito Kid feeding a goat :mrgreen:
  5. hmmm... my favourites were probably the shirigami one, the coffee and cake case (it was that one that ended really sadly when you found out that the culprit had committed suicide after killing the victim; although there was that funny scene where Conan kept on going 'ah le le'...) and of course the bomber case that produced the Takagi and Conan in an elevator scene :mrgreen:
  6. So... I support all the canon pairings, especially Sato/Takagi :mrgreen: and Kogoro/Eri and I also support both Akai/Akemi and Akai/Jodie (in that order). Other pairings I like are: Hakuba/Akako (I think that Hakuba's one of the few people who would know how to deal with her) And I think Ai/Ayumi would be cute. Not now in the timeline, in about 10 years time or so when Ayumi's had time to become more mature and responsible. The reasons for this are simple: it's obvious Ai has a soft spot for Ayumi, the first name and everything. The other point is that Ayumi and Ai both consistantly ignore the boys crushes on them in favour of each other and the fact that I believe that Ayumi would be more accepting of Haibara lying to them about her identity and age than the other DBs. Of course you could always just take it as a very strong friendship if you're not into that sort of thing :mrgreen:
  7. Stopwatch


    :mrgreen: Thanks, the next chapter will probably be a while coming out though, my teachers all bombarded me with homework...
  8. Fav TV shows at the moment are probably )Top Gear (just love it... :mrgreen: ) )QI )Doctor Who )Torchwood(I don't like it as much as I used to though, I blame Season 3 ) )Harry Hills TV Burp (it basically makes fun of all the other TV programs, has lots of out of context clips which are hilarious and running jokes throughout the series such as the 'knitted character') )Braniac ...and I don't think I actually watch much else, plus the fact I live in England means that there's usually a long delay before I can watch all the popular American programs
  9. Stopwatch


    This little story came about when I wondered what would happen if Kaito's family knew Takagi's and Takagi found out about the entire KID thing. I'm writing a prequel (possibly also a sequel at some point) with how that happened at the moment but until then I've written this... It had been an easy heist this evening, his favourite detectives had neglected to show up and so he hadn't had quite the challenge he had on previous nights, Kaitou Kid reached the roof within minutes and burst out into the open air. He pondered on waiting for the taskforce to catch up before realising that he'd left them all tied up in bubble wrap on the bottom floor and he'd have to stay there for half an hour if he wanted them to find him; some things just weren't worth it; and Aoko would have his head if he was late for the fireworks display. Getting out the stolen jewel (a diamond from Europe he remembered) he held it up to the light and sighed when it failed to do anything. Behind the thief a door slammed open revealing an out of breath Wataru Takagi, "Wait!" he yelled. "Huh?" What was he doing here? Kid was fairly sure he was off duty after getting knocked over the head, (yet again, seriously he attracted injuries like Kudo attracted dead bodies) by some crazy banker. "You owe me a favour" Well that was unexpected. What was he talking about? "If this is about the time with the hosepipe-" "No," the police officer replied trying to catch his breath,"from that time when I let you impersonate you" seeing that Kid was about to interrupt he quickly continued. "Don't say that I didn't let you because if I'd really wanted to stop you I'd have used this" A moment passed as Takagi dug into pockets and the thief started to become impatient, he couldn't afford to have Aoko attempting revenge again if he missed this. Not after last time... "What would you have used Takagi-san?" "Hold on, I'm getting to it", the officer carefully extracted something from his pocket and held it up to the thief. "F-f-f-f..." the legendary Kaitou was reverted to stuttering by a simple holographic placemat with a photo of a striped fish on it. "Your mum told me to use this, I almost didn't believe her at first" "She's evil sometimes", the teenager muttered staring at the picture with something akin to horror. "So, the favour...", the police officer looked nervous now, and his face was rapidly reddening "I was wondering if- well Sato-san and I- canyoudistracteveryonesoSatou-sanandIcangoonadate" Kid blinked and quickly deciphered the last sentence, "Fine. As long you promise not to pull out that thing again" Takagi nodded quickly, blush still present as he slipped the placemat back into his pocket and turned back towards the stairs, there he hovered for a second before facing the thief again and calling out "I'll tell you details on Saturday, apparently your mum decided to have a 'bonfire night' party and invited my family along. What's with her and weird foreign celebrations anyway?" 20 floors below, Ginzo Nakamori listened with growing disbelief as his radio began relaying a conversation between Kaitou Kid and a police officer(not that he knew that) discussing what to get for the Taskforce's anniversary
  10. Is this on ff.net? I think I've seen it before. Anyway, brilliant idea, it seems like just the sort of thing Kaito would dream of. I'd say it was one of the better fics I've read here so far and no spelling errors as far as I could see. Love it
  11. So apparently the next file is going to be the resolution, although I'm really wondering what's going to take up most of it. I mean, Ai will probably explain what she's figured out and then what? They'll go back in? They'll finally call Takagi-keiji? Takagi will bump into Okiya who's been sent by Conan? I'm just guessing here but surely something's got to happen other than Haibara explaining, I don't think it would take a whole file for Haibara to explain and to call Takagi-keiji; but I also think it's take more than a file for them to go back in and try and help. I don't know... :-|
  12. No, the inner body temperature can only vary by about 3 degrees (or something close to that) from the normal range before it gets too hard for the body to cope, or that's how I understood it, correct me if I'm wrong. And I reckon Takagi will be sent in to rescue him considering how many references have been made to him in the last two DB cases.
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