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  1. Oh, but the Manga and Anime both have their perks! I enjoy the Manga because of Gosho's style. I just love the artwork, and love comics. But, the Anime brings an additional layer to the feeling of the characters being "alive", such as the colors, animation, voice cast, and the music that we've come to know! I would like them both, please.
  2. Oh~ I had to play "detective" to secure access to this account again! If only Conan-kun had been here! <3

    1. sitifatihah


      awk boleh main "detektif" sepanjang masa.

  3. Oh my, I have been inactive!!

    1. Jodie Starling

      Jodie Starling

      I'll do my best to catch up with you all! And thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

    2. IdentityUnknown


      \o/ JODIE!!!!! YOU'RE BAAAAACK!!!!!

    3. Misaki-chan
  4. Surely Kaitou is the child of solo parenting! ... That's the best I've got.
  5. I plan to make it a moderately short one. I don't really have the time to revise a longer story. (:

    But, I have an interesting concept in mind for it.

  6. Thank you! (:

    How have you been?

  7. Hello! I have been well, but very busy with school work. (:

    I haven't had a lot of time to write the fanfic, but I do plan to finish it in the future!

  8. Surely he does, but it wasn't as much as I had expected. I'll have to watch it again — maybe I had missed something! (And actually I watched a sub-par sub before DCTP's version was released.) Thank you, Shuu~! I've been busy with work regarding the Black Organization of course!
  9. I always need to have my hands busy with something or I begin to feel uncomfortable, so I usually do have at least one hand in my jacket-pocket or pants-pocket. If I'm standing idly, then I'll probably do the same or have a hand on my hip.
  10. I was very satisfied with this movie. Often Detective Conan movies beat around the bush to get to the exciting action scenes, however this film projected itself into the plot very quickly. Although, looking back on it now, Conan didn't "deduce" anything as he originally does! Less mystery, more action and comedy. But, I'd certainly watch it again!
  11. "... how will Shinichi convey his message to Ran?"

  12. Of course, of course!

    "Ran suspects Shinichi of subtly announcing he will no longer return to her after a recent case provides new evidence towards the flowers he mailed her. With help from Haibara, Shinichi will have to make the decision between mending or breaking Ran's heart while trying to remain loyal to Haibara. Their cell phone services are out — how will Shinichi...

  13. If I remember right, I think either Gin or Vodka stated that it was an experimental poison designed to kill someone without leaving any evidence behind. In that sense, I think it may be likely that it would not show up in Shinichi's blood. But, I don't know that much about that kind of thing — I could be mistaken.
  14. It's quite nice and I enjoyed listening in! You have got a good voice to listen to — good character! I hope you do decide to continue making podcasts in the future.
  15. Oh wow, that's a lot! Its surprising they even translate the graphic novels into English, so unfortunately I would doubt that your digest would be translated.
  16. Oh my, hahahaha! How awful!
  17. Unfortunately I'm currently unable to travel and, from what I have seen so far, I don't live in the general regions of anyone here. But I'll be with you all in spirit!
  18. My suggestion would be to find the average between the last number posted before the confusion and the final number posted after the confusion. That sounds pretty fair for both sides, doesn't it?
  19. 175 Unfortunately Jodie-senpai has an interview and must sadly go. I'll leave this in your capable hands, Detective Kaoko!
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