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  1. It's probably 'the design of poison and mirage' episode 652-655. But i don't think the women poisoned her son, she was like a secretary sort of thing.
  2. Really thankful for all ur hard work
  3. I don't have any points to back these up but these are the people who I think might be the BO boss: - Mr Masakage (magician) bc he disappeared for over a decade, but he's full name wasn't revealed, I think. - Higo Ryusuke, bc in an interview (unofficial but whatever) it was said that Haibara would be shocked to know the real identity of boss - Kazumi Sanada, idk why I think he is, but he's a magician and he appeared in the early chapters. - One of the miyanos.
  4. How old are most people on this forum?
  5. OMMMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWINSIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE sushi as well, it's like my favourite food, I can eat it all day if I got the chance. Btw, welcome to DCW.
  6. I'm really into music and singing, so maybe a singer or a musician. Maybe even a psychologist or detective. Idk. People say I'm better of becoming a singer or psychologist since I actually have talent in it.
  7. VVN2004


    I play the piano and the guitar, I tried flute, but uh, it's not my thing. Does voice count?
  8. I'm from good ol' 'Straya! AUSSIEAUSSIEAUSSIEOIOIOI! Sydney to be precise, Us Aussies speak like country mans OKay then, have a g'day mate.
  9. Welcome to DC World! I came probably like 2 months ago. Enjoy your time here
  10. yeah i dont ship akai and shiho either, it's just quite a common ship between fans of detective conan.
  11. None taken Of course, just like you said, the end result is bound to be shinichi and ran ending up together, otherwise gosho's work on them would be a total waste of time. And I agree with you that people need traits that complement one another. For Haibara, i think she would either end up alone, die, or find a new person. But if it was the latter, I would want her to end with Rei, or akai
  12. Idk if ur statement is a rebuttal to mine, but I'll just go with it anyways I completely agree with u, just because someone share similar interests and personality traits, does not mean they should end up together. As I said, I have a liking towards opposite attraction romances, (not in this case) so I'm not saying that conan and ai should be in a relationship (I ship it, but i acknowledge rans existence as well, and I don't want Shinichi to lose interest towards her and just to go with Ai). I was simply stating a flaw from the previous persons content. But i must say that conan and ais relationship may not be developing as two lovers, but as two good friends, they seem to trust one another more, and conan has recognised ai as his partner, so I wouldnt say their 'relationship' hasnt advanced or developed throughout the series.
  13. OMG YAS! I always thought that Rei would be with Haibara is Conan is with Ran! If coai isnt possible (highly likey) than I hope its rei and haibara.
  14. This is kind of confusing, youre saying that Shinichi and Ai are basically fire and ice, and Ran and Shinichi are fire and fire. But there's some questionable points in this argument. First of all, if anything, Haibara is more like Shinichi than Ran. Haibara and Shinichi both like the same sport (soccer) they're smart, have interesting lives, both grounded each other, both understand each other, both attracts opposite genders, both know Sherlock Holmes (Ran does too, but she gets tired of Shinichis constant blabbering of him) and others things. Whilst Ran and Shinichi, have the same ethical thoughts, attracts opposite genders, but that's about it, there may be others that i haven't covered but it still not as much as haibaras. I admit that Shinran is 99.99% the end result, but I'm just stating the flaws of your statement. Sometimes, I even find opposite attractions my sweet, but ok.
  15. I would say haibara, especially in terms of solving cases. In many instances, she was the one who gave Conan an approach, or clue to a case (even though it might have been an accident and she didn't even know how she helped out) which helped Conan deduce who the culprit was. Moreover, Conan could actually discuss the case to her and he'd end up solving the case. For ran, he'd probably just waste all of his time explaining his theory and getting her to understand it instead of concluding the case. I'm not saying ran isn't smart, she is a pretty smart lady, but compared to haibara, I think she's pretty far off. Of course, I must admit that Ran's bad ass karate skills are on point, and could be much help when fighting against criminals. But there aren't a lot of times when the criminal is so aggressive and plus ran gets scared easily so... Haibara may lack in physical strength (except for knowing how to use a gun) but she can win in a battle of wits. Shinichi isn't a bad fighter so she could be the one who distracts the criminal while Shinichi goes from behind and take him down or sth like that. Another thing is that haibara knows how to 'ground' Conan, by poking holes in his huge ego and making him learn to accept that other peoples opinion may be different to his. Whilst ran just keeps on making Shinichis heart race and face blush, which isn't much help for him to become a grounded detective. The detective boys treat Conan and Ai like their little parents. Conan can rely on haibara to take care of them when he needs to solve cases in private, which suggests that Conan trusts Haibara and that she isn't just some sort of useless girl who depends on others. Of course, if ran was in haibaras position, she would do a good job in caring for the detective boys so I'm not dissing ran in this argument. I understand why some people would choose ran for this, and I'm not saying that haibara is the 'right' respond to this question, I'm just putting my own opinion out there.
  16. Kaito kid would be my 3rd choice, just bc Shinichi is my 2nd. This is my crush in order: 1. Bourbon 2. Shinichi 3. Kaito Kid 4. Heiji 5. Saguru Female crush: 1. Haibara 2. Kazuha 3. Yukiko 4. Eri 5. Sera
  17. There are a lot of hot characters in detective conan. So who's your crush? Mine would be Tooru Amuro/Rei Furaya/Bourbon. He is so handsome and smart. If I were a boy, than it will be Haibara Ai/Shiho Miyano, because she's cool, pretty, and smart.
  18. I've been watching detective conan for over 5 years and I just found this website. I'm a sherlockian/holmesian. I love anything related to music and mystery, I'm 13 years old and I live in Australia. I'm a hardcore COAI/SHINSHI shipper (sorry shinran shippers, I used to be a shinran until Ai came into the picture) Read my username. VVN, get it?!?! That's my name. And I'm born in 2004.
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