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    What's on Your Mind?

    What's on your mind, everyone !? Me start: I plan to make a site which will be containing a Wiki page like here, in DCW... but for Japanese studies in our case ...
  2. Officer Kaoko

    Finding Episodes

    Do you miss some old episodes? And want to re-watch them again but forgot the episode number ? Well, no need to worry , because this is the right thread for it ! Just describe the details you remember and we will try to look them up for you! Just name it! PS. You do not need to create a new thread. Just go here.
  3. Officer Kaoko

    Spoken Languages

    I would like to start off a topic... for we, DCW members to tell each other what kind of laguages we know and understand or are capable of . So what languages do all of you speak... and are capable of? Haha! And tell us how you have learned the language and how you had become influent in it ...
  4. Officer Kaoko

    What Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    Which manga are you currently reading? :-D I am currently reading: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Chapter 50 (the romance is really interesting) Gintama (it is extremely entertaining)
  5. Officer Kaoko

    Japanese Classroom

    Class room for learning Japanese! Japanese Classroom (Nihongo kyoshitsu) Koko ni nihongo wo benkyou shimashou! Help each other to improve their Japanese. Ask anything about Japanese language! Rules: When you post something in Japanese, please avoid translating it in English or at least put it in a Spoiler Box. So members would read the Japanese text rather than just reading the translated. It would be better if you type in Romanji, too. Some people doesn't have Japanese software installed in their computer and they see only squares. Tutor/Sensei: @Pr1me 101 Students: Member List: Officer Kaoko xXLeration blueberry Henny-chan Detective Gin topgun741 Hatsu Anrika Emy Ulfsdotter Cheesus Rom Yui Tantei Shinichi Kiel Stopwatch Southpaw Xcommando Tna Uchiha Orangeburst Conankoibito Parkur Kaitou1412 kirite alicetama Rye Koukou-sei Tantei Momoko-chan Denz001 IdentityUnknown Xenonkid Vermouth-chan PS. This thread has created for all who are fond of learning Japanese. Kenny-sensei will currently be our tutor for now on ANNOUNCEMENT: We just created a blog of our own! Here's the link -> http://japanese-ken.blogspot.com Lessons & Courses Japanese Characters - Hiragana: Introduction to Japanese Characters & Hiragana: Lesson 1 - 'あ' [a] Hiragana: Lesson 2 - 'い' Hiragana: Lesson 3 - 'う' Hiragana: Lesson 4 - 'え' [e] Hiragana: Lesson 5 - 'お' [o] Revision of Lesson 1 - 5 Hiragana: Lesson 6 - 'か' [ka] (and 'が' [ga]) Hiragana: Lesson 7 - 'き' [ki] (and 'ぎ' [gi]) Hiragana: Lesson 8 - 'く' [ku] (and 'ぐ' [gu]) Hiragana: Lesson 9 - 'け' [ke] (and 'げ' [ge]) Hiragana: Lesson 10 - 'こ' [ko] (and 'ご' [go]) -> Lesson 6 - 10 Review Hiragana: Lesson 11 - 'さ' [sa] (and 'ざ' [za]) Hiragana: Lesson 12 - 'し' [shi] (and 'じ' [ji]) (yo-on included) Hiragana: Lesson 13 - 'す' [su] (and 'ず' [zu]) Hiragana: Lesson 14 - 'せ' [se] (and 'ぜ' [ze]) Hiragana: Lesson 15 - 'そ' [so] (and 'ぞ' [zo])
  6. Officer Kaoko

    Wiki Mistakes

    This is a section from which I would like to put it in Wiki Discussions forum. It's a thread for any member who notices mistakes or wrong informations in the wiki and are hesitating to edit it... if you find any wrong or mistaken information, please point it out here, and the staffs will see what's the conerning matter and we'll try to solve the issue. The reason I created this thread was because I conquered the same problem... I saw something confusing in one of the articles and I tried to edit it but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe it was right and I thought it was wrong and am afraid if I edited it, the information I provided might turn out to be wrong... anyway, something like that. So, if any of you saw someting incorrect in one of the articles, and you think that the information was somehow not exactly right, or you are not sure if its right or not, be sure to post what in your mind here, in this thread. As I already mentioned, we will see the regarding matters and try to correct the mistakes... Thank you, your truly and only... Detective Kaoko.
  7. Officer Kaoko

    Japanese Chatroom for Beginners!

    Here you can talk in Japanese and practice what you learnt. Here're the rules: Avoid using English as much as possible. Only do it when you can't express the things you want to say in Japanese. Only Romanji are permitted in this thread. For a more advanced level (member who knows hiragana, katakana, and some kanji. Also requires amount knowledge of Japanese grammar and the vocabulary), go to this thread -> yet to be created When correcting other members, use soft words, and avoid violence. Enjoy¬ Watashi wa Kaoko desu . Yoroshiku ne <3
  8. Officer Kaoko

    The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth!

    Links fixed Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 14 - first pass, may do a second pass for shorter responses List of the best posts about what is causing Vermouth's abnormal youth. If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. Commentary by Username •jebbifurzz P1 P2 P3 - Vermouth took APTX 4869 (part of a debate) •detectiveshinichi - Discussion of Org's goal, and Vermouth did not use APTX, instead something else a long time ago stopped her aging •Chekhov MacGuffin P1 P2 P3 P4 - Vermouth did not take APTX, Sharon's mother may be Vermouth as well (part of a debate with DetectiveSherry) •DetectiveSherry P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 - Vermouth was not Sharon's mother, took APTX ten years ago (part of a debate with Chekhov MacGuffin) •Kyuuketsuki - Sharon trained Chris to perfectly take over her identity. •Black Demon - Vermouth has a baby, possibly an abnormal baby. •Black Demon - Vermouth's body is currently youthful, thus she didn't have plastic surgery •ValleyofFear P1 P2 P3 - Sharon and Chris are separate people, the fingerprints were fakes (part of a debate with Chekhov MacGuffin) •Chekhov MacGuffin P1 P2 - Sharon and Chris are the same person, the fingerprints could not be faked, timeline of Vermouth's past assuming Sharon and Chris are the same person. (part of a debate with ValleyofFear) Similar Interest threads The goal of the Black Organization APTX 4869 Itakura's computer program What's The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth? What do you think the reason behind Vermouth's youth!? I have a unimaginable guess why she looked younger than her age! Do you want to hear it? Hahahahahahahhahaha! Maybe she swallowed the same drug that Shinichi Kudo and Shiho Miyano swallowed! APTX4869??? Hah! So, what do you think? Discuss it here!
  9. Officer Kaoko

    What Did You Learn Today?

    What did you just learn today? Share with everyone what you just learnt! What did you learn. How did you manage to learn it. Where did you learn it from. Etc, etc, etc! Share your new knowledge :-D!
  10. Officer Kaoko

    English Language Thread

    Welcome to English Language thread! Here where you can better your English ! Here you can: Improve each other's English. Correct each other's English. Suggest English learning sites. Teach your friend better English. Ask things of English Language; Grammar, pronunciation, spellings, phrases, quotes, etc. and more! Have fun !
  11. Officer Kaoko

    Today's Bad Stories

    Today's bad stories. Tell us your bad stories of the day. We will try to comfort you here ... I got this idea from DCTP -> http://forums.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=4005.0 There isn't a thread about it here... so...
  12. Someone... rate my avatar and signature ... and what do think of it? :mrgreen: Note: Don't forget to comment, too! How to use this thread: Rate the avatar & and the signature of the person above you. Tell us what you like and don't like about it. When changing your current avatar or signature to new ones edit your old post by putting your previous avatars and signatures -> so members will know what we rated :mrgreen: .
  13. Officer Kaoko

    Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Film

    Anyone here is looking forward for the Samurai X's live action ? I'm not really looking forward to it, ust curious how would it look like ... In The News: Rurouni Kenshin Manga Gets Live-Action Film in 2012 (Updated) Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's Teaser Streamed Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film's New Promo Video Posted (Updated) Trailer: <---- Just wanted to post put pf boredom (-,-x)b
  14. Officer Kaoko

    Characters That Gets On Your Nerves!

    ==================================================== Play Nice Please This is the kind of topic that leads to lots of arguments. While it is okay to argue, please be civil to other users even if you disagree with them. If you start a flamewar or are rude to other users you may be sanctioned by the moderators. Thanks, The Mod Team ==================================================== Which characters in Detective Conan that really gets on your nerves? And why? Like in every anime & manga you know, there would always have characters you don't like, that annoys you in most occasion, and something in that character you don't like about... So here, I would like to know what most of you think and which character you dislikes... I'll tell you who I dislike after I receive some Feedbacks~ Advertisement: Vote for your character in Detective Conan: Detective Conan Character Poll!!
  15. Officer Kaoko

    The Funniest Anime (in Your Opinion)

    What do you think is the funniest anime you've ever seen in your opinion? Yes, the ones that makes you roll and puke laughter~ I'll list mine (note that it is not in order): Yakitate Japan!! - It humors are unique and unbelievably astounding! I loved the gags in this anime. One Piece - The jokes used to be funny. Not that much anymore, though. School Rumble - Awesome is what I would say! The characters are amazingly humorous! For the heroine to fell in love with the dullest guy in the school... LOL Lucky Star - Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Skip Beat! Gintama Slam Dunk P.S. I'll try to attach their pictures later on .
  16. Officer Kaoko

    Switch Girl!!

    Anyone know of the manga? Switch Girl is just so damn hilarious that makes your roll with laughter! Even though it's gross, it's awesome ! Here's a brief summary of Switch Girl!! If you are a girl... you might find some of her characteristic in you . Here's her in her off mode (left), and her in her on mode.
  17. Officer Kaoko

    Kudo Shinichi as a killer!

    What if Conan (aka Shinichi) became insane after experiencing all those tragedies and dreadful crimes scenes and became a murderer himself? Watch this amazing clip featuring Conan as a ruthless murderer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_UZXXER_I8 Can't get enough of it... it's so epic...
  18. Hello, everyone For my assignments, I need to do a short presentation next week that have to be approximately 5 minutes (8 minutes max). I have to choose a topic that could be presented in that short time frame. So can you possibly suggest a nice and interesting topic for me? And I have only four days to prepare. Please help.
  19. Officer Kaoko

    5 minute presentation - please help me choose

    Ohh! You watch that, too!? I really love that channel... But I'm not good at memorising, and the presentation is in two days, so I'll probably fail trying to do it . But thanks for the suggestion!
  20. Officer Kaoko

    5 minute presentation - please help me choose

    Oww, thank you, everyone! I've decided on a topic! I'll reply to all of you first before telling you what it is... Thanks a lot for so many awesome tips, Black Demon! I really needed those advises on the topic I'm doing. Ha-ha. Coincidentally, Coca-Cola sounds similar to my name. This will be really interesting thing to present except that I don't have much time to prepare for it since the presentation is in two days I love reading, teaching and writing! That would be really good . My classmates are older than me and most of them are married and have children so I don't think they'll be interested in otakus, animes and games (which is a shame) . How can you present that? What would you say and talk about? No, no. Not at all. - They're all brilliant. It's just that I don't have an interesting summer and the audience will not be interested in games and I don't have any interesting visited place I can talk about that would interest the audience . I Yes, that would do . I chose something similar. Thanks, Nara-chan! My classmates aren't interested in games . I decided on "Top Effective Ways to Improve Your English." Like you said, something I'm interested in and that's teaching. And for 5 minutes presentation it's a very good to do the 'How-to' approach. And the ways includes: Watching English movies and TV programmes, reading books, exchanging letters with a friend, join a forum, shadow reading, etc. Since most of my classmates are struggling with English (some in writing, and some in speaking), that would be really beneficial. What do you think? I thank you all for helping me choose the right topic !
  21. Officer Kaoko

    5 minute presentation - please help me choose

    Help me! Pureezu!
  22. Hello, CarpetCrawler! It's been awhile...

  23. Officer Kaoko

    Akai Shuuichi's Death Theory!

    Shuuichi Akai's Death Theory! Do you think Akai Shuuichi is dead or alive? Do you think Akai Shuuichi is dead? If so, then who's that Scar Akai? If he that Scar Akai is actually him, how did he manage to escape that time at Reiha Pass? And what trick did he and Kir used to fool the organization? Discuss here! And see what most of you think!
  24. Officer Kaoko

    Trivia In Detective Conan!

    Trivial Matter In Detective Conan! Have you notice something unusual in Detective Conan? Something that's funny or amusing.... or something that is not that easy to notice? Trivial matters... For example: 1.Have you noticed that Shinichi (AKA: Conan) is fond of dogs? 2.Have you noticed that tons of the characters in Detective Conan are wearing glasses? Conan Edogawa, Jodie Starling, James Black, Sumiko Kobayashi, Eri Kisaki, Yusaku Kudo, Vodka, Eisuke Hondou, Dr. Araide, Okiya Subaru, Dr. Agasa, Sharon Vineyard, Makoto Kyogoku, Elena Miyano, Jinpei Matsuda, etc. Aoyama-san seems to be fond of glasses, ne? 3. Have you noticed in Detective Conan storyline, the timeline is kind of messed up? 4. Have you ever wondered some of the characters' true eyes colour? Notice something? Share it with us!