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  1. I think you meant episode 400, "Ran's suspicions". They were making out words from plate numbers while being on a bus, and then Shinichi saw a fake plate number, and the numbers said " robbery" It wasn't Gin's black porsche though but other than that I feel like the description fits.
  2. Hi, I'm searching for this clip where Kaito Kid said "寝ている姿はなかなかかわいいじゃないな”"your/her sleeping face/figure is rather cute" something like that (from this AMV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgHcjduOr44 at 1.00-1.01) (because he didn't specifically use any gender-specific pronoun, so I don't know who he was referring to) but I can't remember who he said that too. Initially I thought he said that to Conan about Ran, but it wasn't the Black Star and it's not the Magic Lover's Murder Case episodes.
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