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  1. Oooka & Haneda household connection Recent development from File 1042 makes Iori Muga even more suspicious, since we now found out that the Haneda household is a wealthy associate of the Oooka household. His position as a Butler for the Oooka, who seems to be trusted and relied on by the Haneda, makes for a perfect information source (without getting too close to the target) about what they know about the Kohji case and what they are up to, to cover for his 17-year-old mistake (File 953), especially if RUM suspects (naturally) that the Haneda family are behind the repeated Kohji case information upload online (File 948) which the BO keeps taking down.
  2. I actually have a theory which fits with his seemingly confirming reply to SDB BLACK+ Q92 “Is Rum certainly amongst the trio Kuroda, Wakasa & Wakita?”. I don’t actually think it’s as straightforward as he made it seem. I think that his reply stems from the fact that... "Wakita Kanenori = Highball" Theory In other words, from my perspective, Gosho is pulling another misleading comment like he did with Animal Crossing for File 906 (where "Rum" he is thinking of is not the same as the one you would originally think), where he had said “Rum has actually already appeared (laughs)” (which was actually referring to Lum).
  3. Hyoue's impatience portrayal while talking to Yamato is certainly incriminating, but then again, that's a part of a package of obvious Rum portrayal, and we certainly haven't seen that side more than once. I don't think however that Rumi and Wakita has acted unusually, or unjustifiably, impatient. I think their time is yet to come, considering how fresh that newly established intel on Rum is. In comparison however, Iori's obsession of time is definitely much clearly defined and distinguishable (as you said, counting seconds) through his continues attention on it during mulitple matters.
  4. Rum impatience and time sensitivity VS Iori Muga impatience and time sensitivity
  5. Wakasa Rumi's memories Wakasa Rumi's pain Conan's fake identity examples
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    Discussion Thread about Rum

    Click "edit", select everything that you want to surround in spoilers, click on the eye symbol for "spoiler". And then "save changes".
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    Rei & Shiho
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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,022–File 1,026: Azengers Assemble

    the long frequent breaks is so that Gosho doesn't overwork himself and worsen his health, since he has had a lot of health issues (like many Mangakas) due to overworking (a common thing in the japanese culture). He used to sleep 3 hours a day in the last decades, but now with these long breaks between cases, he is sleeping much better.
  11. All I can say is... there's no requirement for Rumi's piece(s) to be the exact same object(s) taken from that case because they are generic objects that aren't unique to that incident. You can find an uma piece anywhere. We can at least infer however that such knowledge was acquired by her (whether it was by directly being in possession of said objects or whether she got the info/objects second-hand). I'm pretty confident about this being an in-universe word play, much like "Mizunashi Rena"="no water (0) re (0) na (7)". My interpretation on that is straightforward. Wakita uses the idiom "Toki wa Kane nari" frequently (which without any translations was made directly into a name by rearranging letters). He is after all portrayed to be an edokko who uses japanese proverbs. Now, as for the later bit about Rum using an english version of that quote, that's a matter of what ones preconception of Rum is, if he is someone more accustomed to the english language, or if he is an edokko who for some reason decided to use it in a more out-of-character way. In the former angle, then it's possible that there's some kind of influence between Rum and Wakita that lead to both of them using the same idiom (but in their own way). In the latter angle, then that would mean that Wakita, as Rum, simply chose it because that was the name that came natural to him, because he uses its origin often, even in a different language. In the same way, if he is indeed working on Gin's behalf when it comes to Kogoro, and if he is indeed behind Mary's shrinking (as alluded to by his fitting covered left eye to Akai's left eye, which was hit by a Mary-knife-hand-strike), He is more than likely the source of the idiom "It's like encountering a demon in the darkness" as well, which could mean that he is indeed the idiom bank who (in the former angle) influences his fellow members (maybe as a high-up senior/mentor/coach figure) or (in the latter angle) simply rubbed off on Gin as second-in-command (with the latest SDB allusion of antipathy between Gin and Rum, this latter angle seems unlikely).
  12. that, or just anyone else that got ahold of Rum's testimony, like the boss (who views Vermouth as his favorite due to some relationship). the one who pried it out of his hand could be Rum himself. that's the issue with "Wakita Kanenori". His name itself is an obvious alias derived from "Toki wa kanenari" (more than likely at least). In other words, without an actual real first name that doesn't seem like an alias, there's no method to idenitfying him as Rum through the dying message (assuming he is even Rum to begin with), and I don't see us getting a new name from him that the shogi piece + whatever remaining clues can allude to.
  13. I see, so in the latter scenario, Kohji locks Rum out as well, and Kohji and Asaka are not having their chat inside his room. Oh no, it doesn't even have to be the exact same piece. for starters, such a piece wouldn't even be able to endanger him, since it's just a shogi piece that you can wipe fingerprints away from. nothing about such a piece could be narrowed down to originating from the Kohji case, unless there's distinguishable marks on it that a photo or a non-biased witness could corroborate was made by/belonged to Kohji. And like I said, it doesn't have to be the same piece. It's enough for Vermouth to get ahold of the info that such piece existed, whether Rum got rid of the piece or not. (not sure if Gosho wrote that M20 scene, but I wouldn't dismiss that either way, since Gosho was acting as a supervisor) And I assume there's no suggestions yet for how that shogi piece, which Kohji must have clenched in the middle of his right palm, plays into the dying message or identitfies Rum?
  14. Mhm. I agree. Considering that room service was ordered during Amanda's previous meeting, hinting to Sato's trivia about Shogi players eating sweets during a game (File 946), Rum could've also started a game of chess with Amanda in order to get her snack and drink tea during the game (so he can poison it). A fight would, in theory, have to cause cause a mess in Amanda's room. Considering that Asaka is a bodyguard figure, it wouldn't be an mess-free takedown. If he was distracted, then he wouldn't have time to clean things up. Wouldn't you agree that the information about a tidy/unmoved room is suggesting that Rum had enough time without distraction to clean up any Asaka-fight-aftermath mess? Ok, this one explains Amanda's clean room, but if Kohji was immediately handled after Asaka was taken down, how did Kohji have time to prepare the dying message? If he was wounded(defensive wounds) and poisoned before Tsutomu interruption, would he be able to move to the bathroom, crack/remove the hand-mirror from its frame, accurately cut out the letters and reassemble the remaining shards into the hand-mirror frame, leave the bathroom and place the mirror under the broken crockery pieces before finally not being able to take the pain of the poison and die?
  15. The next question in turn would be "what happened to Asaka that lead to their disappearance?" As for a the sixth party suggestion, I find it unlikely that Gosho will add new players that we haven't at least somehow been hinted to have been there (like how Tsutomu's involvement was brought up outside of the Kohji website) more than 77 chapters later since the Kohji case intro.
  16. I honestly don't have any alts. At least not yet. I strive to find that one answer that Gosho is foreshadowing, and unless the plot hints to otherwise, I have no reason to look for other answers, right now at least. Perhaps you have some new perspectives you would like to enlighten me with?
  17. Rum Arc Discussion Series: Higashio Maria
  18. "Rumi = Vermouth" Theory Summary In-universe hints about Rumi fitting with Vermouth: 1. Rumi knows of Conan's competence as a detective and is always watchful of him. (File 966-968) [Vermouth knows his competence and views him highly] 2. Rumi is really good at acting clumsy/innocent/shy/scared, to the point that even Conan/Haibara never noticed. (File 966-968, 978) [Vermouth is a star actress] 3. Rumi has shown a very questionable morality and conflicting sides: - Grinning while showing a ruthless side in a blood-thirsty manner when all eyes of the relevant people are not on her (File 968, 989). Smirking at the chance of using a potential murder to further her goals (File 978) [Vermouth has at least 20 years of underworld exposure and killing experience] - Showing empathy and tears for Ayumi to an extent that sways Haibara from her suspicion (File 989) [File 459: Vermouth left a strong positive effect on Teitan that made Araide question if she is a bad person] 4. Rumi triggered Haibara's BO-sense (File 978) [only alive female who has done that as far as we know is Vermouth, just like Akai for the male equivalent during Subaru's triggering] 5. Rumi is shown to have BO intel access and interest in APTX victims (File 1005) [File 823: Vermouth has a clearly portrayed goal to get rid of/hide APTX victims who survived due to shrinking and is high-ranked enough in the BO to get access to APTX victim list] 6. Rumi has shown interest in Agasa's gadgets & his next-door neighbor (File 966, File 1006) [File 955-956: Vermouth showed interest and suspicion towards Agasa's current neighbor Subaru, who uses the voice-changing choker on a daily basis, and found out from Bourbon that he is Agasa's next-door neighbor] potentially relevant foreshadowings/setups by Gosho: 1. Haibara not being able to react immediately to Vermouth's presence anymore (File 852/856) [This makes it possible for Vermouth to be utilized as a "new character"(in disguise) who is around Haibara without constantly putting her on edge and being suspected as BO] 2. DB seeing Subaru's choker (File 898) [potential setup to Rumi finding out about that gadget through DB, who she keeps involving herself with] 3. Vermouth's disguise being mistaken for Kid's (File 958), and right before Rumi's intro: - previous case (Kid case), focuses on Subaru and the danger of his choker getting exposed (File 965) - Rumi intro, DB talks about Kid-level disguises (File 966) 4. "My favorite is Whiskey" (File 967) ["whiskey" possibly hinting to "Rye", who she is potentially investigating, and a parallel to Jodie's favorite drink "Sherry", who she was investigating (File 343)] 5. Acting(Ikkyu role-playing) & Disguise(Golfer) theme in the 2nd Rumi-centered case [potential easter eggs to Vermouth's main skills] 6. Rumi-Subaru parallels (potential foreshadowing to Rumi's future development being similar to Subaru's): - Rumi going through the reverse of Haibara suspecting Subaru and Conan supporting him (File 624/989) - Saving Ayumi from culprit using their skills/experience/knowledge (File 666/989) [Subaru: dealing with crime, Rumi: killing] 7. Fukamachi(Butler) head turns and Kogoro reaction to strengthened glasses paralleling Rumi's head turns and bumping reaction (File 1009-1010 / 966/988) [potential foreshadowing to Rumi wearing unfit strengthened glasses, which in turn points to her wearing it for a disguise, rather than needing it] 8. “Wakasa Rumi’s name (若狭留美) has the kanjis for “若さ wakasa”, “留める todomeru ”, “美しさ utsukushisa" that can be read as "Youth halt beauty", which fits with Vermouth's aging being stopped and having never-ending beauty.
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