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  1. English (haha) Japanese, but I'm still in the middle of learining it. I want to learn Spanish and Italian.
  2. I haven't watched all of the Detective Conan movies yet, but here are a few that I enjoyed so far 1. Captured in her eyes 2. The Eleventh Striker 3.Phantom of Baker Street 4. Last wizard of the century So far, I enjoyed all of the ones I have watched.
  3. I can't decide. I love both the Original Japanese Dub and the English dub just as much. I first started watching the Case Closed (English dub) when I first started getting into the series, but since they stopped making the episodes in English, I decided to move on to watching the rest of the series in its original Japanese dub. I like Case Closed for what it is though, but I'll have to go for the Japanese Dub (Detective Conan) to my liking since I'm familiar with Conan's Voice Actress.
  4. I didn't get teased yet, since no one at school knows I'm into Detective Conan. And even if I asked a classmate of mines who likes anime and manga, they would probably just say "Detective Conan? What's that?" It's always like that over here where I am. (Detective Conan/Case Closed isn't really popular and well known where I am. ) Plus, I'm too afraid to ask since I'm soo shy to. I usually start my sentences with a bunch of uhs and ums and such around other people since I get soo shy. At school, I don't have many friends, and I'm a bit too afraid to make any. But yeah, so far, no one seems to tease me at school, but if you're talking about one of my brothers, then yes. (haha! xD)
  5. Going back to school as an 11th grader tomorrow is what's really on my mind. And to think just yesterday, I was starting Middle school. Time flies.
  6. Ah, I knew that was her. Well, I do love Mai Kuraki. This song's pretty catchy, although, a few of my favorites from Kuraki are "Revive", "Always", and "Try again". This one's alright though. lol. And yeah, a lot of her songs do have the word "Heart" in them. xD
  7. I really enjoyed Captured in her eyes a whole lot! Great case, epic twists, and a whole lot of action and suspense, I couldn't ask for more! Although, I only watched the original Japanese version of Detective Conan: Captured in Her eyes, because I never knew they made it in English until I saw the trailer of it on Youtube a while back. It was the same with Countdown to Heaven. The last wizard of the century, I watched it in English back in July 4th. It was a bit hard to hear though cause all of the fireworks near my house kept going off, but I heard most of it cause I have sharp ears. (Come to think of it, that was the first Detective Conan movie I've ever watched.) I never seen Phantom of Baker Street yet, but I have seen a few trailers of it of both Detective Conan and Case Closed, and it looks very interesting.
  8. Case Closed Movie 3. I watched it on the 4th of July. Yep, that was the last time I watched a movie. I'm not too fond of watching movies, (Unless they are from an anime. ) but I really do want to see the new Godzilla movie. D:
  9. Hello there. Welcome to Detective Conan World. I've seen the Detective Conan series a long time ago before when I was about 10 or 11, but I never really decided to give it a try until this year back in May. I'm familiar with most of the characters so far, though I'm only on the 2002 series at the moment. Hope you have fun here.
  10. Awesome! Good to hear that someone is taking the chance to translate it in English a go. (I think I've seen a few screenshots of this game before, or at least one of them. ) Hope you finish translating it.
  11. I remember slayers. I used to watch it with my brother all the time. I still haven't seen all the movies yet, but not sure if I ever will watch the rest I haven't seen yet, 'cause I'm not much into it anymore unlike I was back in the day. But that anime was soo cool! (I should re-watch it someday. )
  12. I'm reading Shugo Chara! And so far, it's actually really good! I'm looking around for some Detective Conan manga, but there seems to be none where I'm at except I did find one at a nearby bookstore a long time ago. I picked it up, but I just put it back on its shelf since I wasn't into it much back then.
  13. There are like a ton of things on my mind right now, but I'm mostly thinking about about my favorite J-rock bands and artists like Acid Black Cherry, Breakerz, and Scandal.
  14. Shinichi. I have no problem with Heji solving cases though.
  15. I don't mind if it ends. I'm new to the seires, and I'm only on the second season. I have a long ways to go before I even reach the 2000's series. I'm still in the 90s. lol. Well,at least I'm pretty much caught up with Pokemon. Another series that's ongoing. :3
  16. The Impossible. Watched it in Biology class on the last few days left of school this year.
  17. Well, I first saw a trailer of it back in like 2008 or 2009. I was never into it back then though. (The only animes I paid attention to back then were Galaxy Angel,Pokemon, and Sailor Moon.) I decided to give it a try this year. (2014) And then, I started to like it. So like I have been watching it for 2 and a half weeks. lol. By the way, I'm 15. I'll be turning 16 tomorrow.
  18. Well, I did watch Black Jack a year ago and finished the seires earlier this year. The Anime besides Detective Conan that I'm in the middle of watching now is Ouran Highschool Host Club.
  19. Hello, I'm new here and new to Detective Conan. Well, a long time ago when I first saw a trailer of the show, I never really showed interest in it, but it all started a few weeks ago, when I saw a few openings and endings of Detective Conan by my favorite J-Rock artist, Breakerz. I decided to give the show a try, and so I watched a few episodes of the first season in English, and I started to like it. So, yeah. I'm new to Detective Conan. And I'm a little behind in it. Um... My real name is Marina Brignoni, and I like J-Rock. My most favorite J-Rock artist is Acid Black Cherry. I like the colors Black, White, Pink and Aqua Blue. I also enjoy J-Pop, K-Pop and Vocaloid. Anyways, I'm a newbie here. (I feel weird. lol.) And I'm a bit new to the Detective Conan series, so I don't know much about it yet. (I'm only on like episode 19 or so.) Hope I feel welcomed here! ! (Seems like a pretty cool place to hang out and such. )
  20. Cherry! Give me smile!

  21. Cherry! Give me smile!

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