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Found 2 results

  1. Like everyone else here, I'll be sharing some of my art of Detective Conan. Most of my drawings of Conan are usually just copies for my personal collection. These are usually just for practice. They aren't traced though. First up, we have a simple drawing of Conan Edogawa. I'm actually quite proud of how this one came out, since I usually tend to draw a bit small, or off place. This second one came out a little... off place. It's okay, though. And here are my original free hand drawings of Conan. They're nothing much, really, but I'm glad I was satisfied with them. Try to ignore the backwards hand on this one. This is an old scan and I didn't bother to scan it again for one error, even though I fixed it. And just for kicks, I decided to make this, since it randomly came to mind. If there's any problems, or tips, then feel free to post them here. *This is pretty much my frist time using links and such on this site, so I'm kinda new to adding tags and hiding pictures.*
  2. Hello, I'm new here and new to Detective Conan. Well, a long time ago when I first saw a trailer of the show, I never really showed interest in it, but it all started a few weeks ago, when I saw a few openings and endings of Detective Conan by my favorite J-Rock artist, Breakerz. I decided to give the show a try, and so I watched a few episodes of the first season in English, and I started to like it. So, yeah. I'm new to Detective Conan. And I'm a little behind in it. Um... My real name is Marina Brignoni, and I like J-Rock. My most favorite J-Rock artist is Acid Black Cherry. I like the colors Black, White, Pink and Aqua Blue. I also enjoy J-Pop, K-Pop and Vocaloid. Anyways, I'm a newbie here. (I feel weird. lol.) And I'm a bit new to the Detective Conan series, so I don't know much about it yet. (I'm only on like episode 19 or so.) Hope I feel welcomed here! ! (Seems like a pretty cool place to hang out and such. )
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