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  1. How come Haneda Koji's name was on the APTX 4869 list when he was supposed to have died 17 years ago? Didn't Vodka say in the first episode that Shinchi was the first one to take the "experimental drug"?
  2. It's the song that is used when Vermouth is talking to Gin on the phone in episode 701 (The Jet Black Mystery Train) It plays right at the start of the episode
  3. Haibara said it was burned down, but she was lying, is this disk important? and what was actually in the disk?
  4. Right at the end of the case she says: "Guess i really am i a bad person?" what do u think that means?
  5. Just wondering, im 18 (almost 19). i started when i was 5 then stopped, then again in 2011 (16)
  6. I found literally all dc original soundtracks except this one i cant find it!! It's used especially in the clash of red and black arc. you can specifically find it in episode 499 when Jodie enters the child's room in the hospital and finds Rena on TV, they've started using it around episode 400. They use it when something unpredictable happens and especially when Akaia is around.
  7. alyaboulenein

    How come..

    Thanks very good explanation!
  8. alyaboulenein

    How come..

    In the Clash of Red and Black episodes agent Camel was supposedly "died" in front of the organization when they retrieved Kir. Yet a bit later he was involved in the Shirumpri case and the organization knew but they weren't suspicious of how he faked his death?
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    Detective conan music soundtrack ????!!!!!!!!!!?

    I would but it says video unavailable! Can u be more specific? Also u can just type detective conan soundtrack 1 on youtube and then try them on lol u will find it in the end there are 200 of them
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    Don't you think it's suspicious that..

    In the Cornered famous Detective! Two Big Murder cases (96 in the Japanese count and the episode where Ran suspects Conan is Shinchi and he ends up solving a case with his mother). There is a scene at the beginning where Shinchi's mom complains that Yusaku came back home with a kiss and she was suspecting he had an affair. Also much later Yusaku's Cold case (690-1) When Sera visits Shinchi's house she finds signs of a women having been to the house. We haven't heard about any of those 2 incidents since then, I'm PRETTY SURE they're relevant and don't think they're just random events, cause a lot of the time at the end of any arc they explain small incidents from previous episodes. Any ideas guys?
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    Detective Conan's target audience: old people who read DC?

    Cause sometimes it can be really childish, other times topic can be really mature and there can be violence and a lot of insults, so im kind of confused.