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  1. Aww... This is where I spend my spare time... Can I come up with a list? :3 This thread seems abandoned T^T Okay, I'll start~ Based on the official poll results of the 15th Movie Character Popularity Poll: The top 6 is: Conan Edogawa/ Shinichi Kudo- 10 Kaito Kuroba/ KID- 10 Heiji Hattori- 10 Ai Haibara- 10 Ran Mouri- 10 Vermouth- 10 Let's see if our votes end up the same as the official poll, DCWers~
  2. ^HAIBARA... My name proves it ^-^ < Apparently watched 56 animes on MAL... Half of them are related to DC v Do you like the mahou shoujo genre?
  3. I er... don't know my blood type...
  4. Dear anonymous, Hello! I haven't seen you for a long time... 3 years, I believe? It's not difficult to believe that you're in a different high school, just as so many of my old friends... The friends I have in my current school are people I never met until 2 years ago... It's a pity no-one could come to the same school as me... Sincerely, Ayame
  5. Knpce-san, I was learning the same thing for science class. I googled "Year 7 Mathematics Practice Tests" T^T
  6. #20 You know you're a Detective Conan fan when everyone in your class regards you as "That Detective Conan fan" (and probably "The Otaku")
  7. Virtually, yes *gives chocolate*. Reality-wise, probably not. Unless there is a festival/ something-or-rather that is going on wherever you are posting from... Or if it's your birthday! Is it possible for me to do 7 hours of Maths today? *-*
  8. Banned for being "under piles of homework papers and assignments"!
  9. *Steals bag from the person above me* *bag breaks* *Goes to the store and buys more* *Hides the newly-bought candy in a VERY safe place*
  10. An anime I have yet to watch (Don't stab me for saying that!!!) Whilst we are still on the topic of other animes here: Define "Kyoukai no Kanata" ^-^
  11. When I was 7: "Ooooh, new anime! Detective Conan... Hmm..." Back then, I just thought of it as something to watch when I had the time... (Please don't stab me for saying this) I didn't really care whether I watched it on a daily basis or not. My first contact with DC was when I saw it airing on the TV... I had been waiting for a show I really liked at that time to come on. The first episode I ever watched was the one that involved the locked bathroom and the tape that sealed the doors and the cuts on the little sister's wrist (It's around episode 124, I think...). Perhaps my impression of the series would have been better it the episode I watched involved Kid, Shinichi (as SHINICHI) or Ai... Now: "THE NEW DC EPISODE IS OUT!!! MUST WATCH IMMEDIATELY!!!" (Okay, maybe that was exaggerated)... Now, I make time for DC. And I must watch it at least once a week... Otherwise bad things happen... The difference is pretty obvious, right?
  12. ^ Have not watched it as of yet, but is on my to-watch list < Just finished Kyoukai no Kanata v Shounen or Shoujo?
  13. A.Haibara

    Hey DCW

    Have some welcome candy~ *gives candy*
  14. Hello! Have some candy~ *gives candy*
  15. Just finished Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Still watching: SAO2 DC Hyouka No Game no Life
  16. #18 You know you're a Detective Conan fan when you have the urge to draw a KID insignia instead of a smiley face (I cannot count how many times I did that...)
  17. My Microsoft convertible... Windows 8.1 is not that interesting...
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