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Found 5 results

  1. Well, we shall continue here I guess. So, anyone with any answers? The case was this- A group of four friends (Sherlock, Mycroft, Irene and John) went out to dine in a hotel on the occasion of Sherlock getting a job. When they were having dinner together, they were deciding on a nightly walk outside the hotel. However, John (Sherlock's best friend), refused as he was expecting a call from one of his mates on a reply from a job agency. The rest three decided to go anyway. On the last minute, Sherlock too refused with an account of an upset stomach. So finally, only Mycroft (Sherlock's brother) and Irene (Sherlock's ex) went for the walk. As they were right about to leave the hotel, Irene excused herself to the bathroom and came back a bit late. Mycroft waited for her at the hotel exit gate. By the time they came back, Mycroft found Sherlock shot dead in his room. On investigation, the following points about the scene-of-crime were noticed- Sherlock was found shot at his right temple, in the room's toilet The gun used (no silencer) was found inside a bag belonging to Mycroft On questioning, the following facts came out MYCROFT HOLMES (BIOLOGICAL SIBLING OF DECEASED) Was sharing the room with the deceased With no solid alibi, he claims to be waiting at the hotel exit gate for Irene When she took more than ten minutes, he called her on her mobile Embarrassed, Irene answered that she will be out in a minute. Mycroft heard her flush the toilet on the phone. He says he did not hear a gunshot. However, agrees to be in possession of a gun. IDENTIFIED MOTIVE: Deceased was the cause of the death of Mycroft's wife 2. JOHN WATSON (ACQUAINTANCE OF THE DECEASED) Had a private room two rooms next to the deceased's room Was allegedly talking to a third party individual on mobile regarding employment hunting The third party confirms the conversation, call log on mobile double checks. Claims to never have left his room. Accepts hearing gunshot but ignored it. Accepts to be in possession of a gun. The third party also says it heard hurried footsteps on the phone IDENTIFIED MOTIVE: Deceased had, at the expense of John, got his new job by bribery 3. IRENE ADLER (EX-GIRLFRIEND OF DECEASED) Had a private room right next to the deceased's and John's room. Agrees with the movements described by Mycroft Holmes Agrees to have heard the gunshot and also heard someone rush past her door before leaving the room to catch up with Mycroft. Too had ignored the gunshot as a crashed hotel cart. Accepts to be in possession of a gun. IDENTIFIED MOTIVE: The relationship between the deceased and Irene ended due to the deceased unable to solve a case in time costing the life of her brother Godfrey Norton. These accounts are sufficient to catch the murderer. With right reason, explain who the murderer is. The hint was- A murderer always muses on an alibi... doesn't he? Answers will be accepted till... FRIDAY 31st MARCH 2017
  2. Is Detective Conan an upcoming fighting video game? Including the victims, killers, minor characters, recurring characters and suspects.
  3. Okay, so I got a really fun game that's been used a few times before on other forum sites. I couldn't find anything similar to it here, so I thought, why not? Um, I'm not sure if I looked good enough, so sorry if there's a thread that's similar to this one. u_u Anyways it goes sorta like this: You say something like #1. You know you're a detective conan fan when you suddenly get into mysteries and try to solve cases. And so on. Oh, and remember to number them to. Next up is #2.
  4. Well this game is very easy... someone will be post a case and people will try to solve it. The max guesses are only 10 (all not each person) and the max time limit is a week per case. Once at least one of these things are reached or once the right answer was guessed, the answer will be revealed. The one with the right answer will be given a rep by the one who made the case. (It now depends on the one who made the case whether he/she wants to give one or not) I will start
  5. INFO ==== This is a forum game that i have not seen before, but got the idea randomly. HOW TO PLAY? ==== Post a VIDEO of a Detective Conan moment OR A PHOTO. Do not simply post quotes or sayings. Aint nobody got time fo dat! (lol) If you get it wrong, someone else asks. It keeps going until 5 guesses. Once the 5th guess is wrong, someone else takes over. RULES ==== -No double posting. Let others have a turn. -Post a video or photo only. If you post only text, someone else takes your turn. -No insults. -Videos *MUST NOT* contain the episode number. -Images must not be hosted on banned sites. EXAMPLE: ==== ccrogers15: What episode is this from?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA055C3T89U Then someone replies: Episode 445 I WILL GO FIRST: ==== What episode is this from? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnBfs4VIFbw
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