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  1. Thank you! I will try to keep it up~ Thanks! Yep I used my (maths textbook) pen! New Drawing!!! Sorry I didn't rotate it... Please comment~
  2. Thanks (I am still relatively new to K-On)! ^-^ I'll be going now ^-^
  3. =^-^= Everyone gets some candy~ *gives candy* And this is also my first time using a non-Ai profile picture...
  4. I'm wondering how my mind changes so quickly
  5. I smile when I really cannot keep it in. Most of the time I don't have an expression on my face...
  6. I want to read 'The City of Ember', but its not available at my local library right now. I want to not waste my precious holiday time (we only get 2 weeks here, except for the summer holiday, that is). I want to choose Japanese as my LOTE subject next year.
  7. PC And I'm currently following you on Wattpad now
  8. Thanks! I'll try to draw as often as I can since my holidays have begun!
  9. I just joined Wattpad (because I have a few stories in mind). How do I add you? My username's ayamehaibara (as usual). Sorry, I'm terrible with technology even though I can't live without it xD. And I checked out your story! I'd say it's going pretty well and basically repeat everything knpce said. Keep writing!
  10. I just thought I might revisit my old thread This what I think Emiko could look like in my fanfic! As usual, please comment
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